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What is National Health Insurance?

With all the attention on health insurance, you might ask yourself the simple question, “What is national health insurance?”  Well, it depends on who you ask.  There are existing national health insurance plans.  These plans are Medicaid related plans or is a Medicaid plan. There are also many proposed national health insurance plans by various organizations and political candidates.

What Is National Health Insurance As Proposed By Physicians For A National Health Care Program?

Physicians for a National Health Care Program, (PNHP), have proposed a plan that answers the questions, “What is National Health Insurance?”   Their idea was proposed by congressman John Conyers.  This United States National Insurance Act has been identified as HR676.  This plan expands on the Medicaid plan already in existence.  It will allow all U.S. residents to be eligible for the program.  The program will offer private insurance via public funds. 

What Is National Health Insurance As Proposed By Senator Barack Obama?

Senator Barak Obama proposes a National Health Insurance plan that is affordable to all Americans.  His plan will allow current plans to be expanded like the Children’s Health Insurance Program, (CHIP).  The senator’s plan will prevent anyone from being rejected because of preexisting conditions or illnesses.  

Senator Obama’s plan will allow people to keep the plan they already have (if they have one), but they pay a lesser premium considering their income.  Senator Obama’s plan also promises to eradicate the monopolization of insurance. 

What Is National Health Insurance As Proposed By Senator Hillary Clinton?

Senator Clinton’s National Health Plan is very much like Senator Obama’s plan.  Her national health insurance plan offers healthy tax credits for employers who offer health insurance for their employees.  She recognizes that many people are satisfied with their carriers and want to keep their current plans.   She plans to expand on those plans by offering incentives.  Senator Clinton also plans to make sure that the National Health Plan she proposes expands on the quality medical options that are already recognized in America.

What Is National Health Insurance As Proposed By Senator John McCain?

Senator McCain wants to attack excessive spending in the healthcare industry.  He does not want a system which carries the poor.  He wants to address the problems that our current healthcare policies already have. 

Senator McCain wants to find a free market approach to making the US healthcare system better. One measure he would seek to implement is to allow insurance companies to sell health insurance policies across state lines.

Senator McCain is also a proponent of tax credits as opposed to tax deductions, which is what President Bush offers.  Senator McCain wants us to define national health insurance with a single policy for all carriers. 

What Is National Health Insurance Going To Cost Americans?

National health insurance is going to cost Americans money, but it has the potential to save money and lives.  So when our leaders propose their ideas, we want to know two things:

     1.  How much it is going to cost us?

     2.  How are we going to pay for it?

Just to give us an idea, the PNHP claims that it is going to cost Americans $1.8 trillion.  Senator Clinton’s plan is going to cost approximately $110 trillion per year.  She plans to reduce the tax cuts to people who make over $250,000 per year. Senator Clinton and Senator Obama both plan to increase the tax rate and capital gains tax rate for the majority of Americans in order to pay for their Universal health care initiatives. 

What Is National Health Insurance According To Americans?

Many Americans want a national health insurance system.  There are many who do not want to pay a payroll tax to receive it, however.  For the most part, as long as the national system is affordable, most are for it. 

There are others who prefer a universal plan over a national plan.  Many others want to change the control that Health Maintenance Organizations, (HMO) has on its subscribers.  Overall Americans want to be able to afford and control their own healthcare.

What Is National Health Insurance Going To Change?

A national health insurance plan is going to change a lot in this country.  Some would argue that people are suffering as a result of being uninsured or underinsured.  Some would say that people are having make choices that they should not have to make like whether to purchase health care or car insurance.  Some advocate that having a national plan will improve the national health issues such as:

  • Obesity

  • Heart Disease

  • Cancer

  • Mental Illness

  • Infant Mortality

  • AIDS

Others argue that having a market based solution to the healthcare crisis in America is the best way to go and that health issues such as obesity, diabetes, and other preventable illnesses are not due to a lack of medical insurance but a lack of personal discipline.

No matter which mindset you tend to agree with one thing is for sure – it is in your best interest to shop around, compare quotes from top companies, and find the best health insurance rates for you and your family!

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