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Where can I find pet health insurance?

People love their pets and eventually began asking themselves, where can I find pet health insurance?  Pets are like family members to so many pet owners. 

In 1982 Veterinary Pet Insurance or VPI answered the call of where can I find pet health insurance.  They began offering pet insurance for common household pets like dogs, cats, and birds.  VPI offers routine care, different plan options and additional coverage options. It has become very widespread and now the answer to where can I find pet health insurance has become how can I find the best pet health insurance.

Pet insurance is set up very much like insurance for people.  As a matter of fact, the pet insurance industry has some of the same concerns about rates, and common ailments as well as risk factors such as obesity like humans.

Where Can I Find Pet Health Insurance In My State?

A Universal Pet Health Insurance plan was proposed by demonstrators outside the Capitol in 2002, demanding subsidized pet insurance paid by tax dollars.  Human organizations expressed outrage at such a proposal. 

The Department of Health and Human Services found themselves in the middle of the debate.   The only national organization that offers pet insurance is the ASPCA.  It is private health insurance however.

The ASPCA And Pet Health Insurance

The ASPCA, American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, offers health insurance through The Hartville Group/Fairmount.  Their rates start as low as $7.  Others offer rates that are comparable, depending on what type of policy you’re interested in.   Most companies offer a:  

Standard Policy
Premium Policy
Accidents Routine Check Ups
Illnesses Dental Care
Surgery Long Term Care

Where Can I Find Pet Health Insurance For My Horses?

The market for pet insurance is growing, although, the availability of pet insurance is mostly for dogs and cats. However, there are companies like EnsureAPet who offer insurance for your horses as well.  They want to become the leader in the industry by being on the cutting edge.  There are also other companies who offer insurance for most farm animals, including horses. 

Where Can I Find Pet Health Insurance With A Health Saving Account (HSA)?

Most pet health insurance plans are reimbursement plans; however, along with traditional plans, there are also Health Savings Accounts for pets.  Pet Health Savings Accounts, (PHSA’s) is what they are referred to as.  These work just like Health Savings Accounts for your medical expenses.  They are usually high deductible plans that allow you to deposit as much as you like.   Pet owners can open these accounts at their bank or credit union. 

Where Can I Find Pet Health Insurance, If I Breed Dogs Or Horses?

There are health insurance companies nationwide that specialize in insuring breeders and their prized animals.  Many of them insure show dogs and horses.  The same is true for racing, and farm horses and dogs.  Horse health insurance is often referred to as equine insurance.  Police dogs and working dogs also get special plans.  Some of these companies offer unique plans that include:

Euthanasia Recommended by a Vet



Theft Protection

Mortality Protection

Life Time Care (upon death of owner)

Most insurance companies provide discounts for multiple pets anyway, but when you are breeding that can even become expensive.  For your show animals and animals that perform special services, you need special options on your pet insurance policy.

Where Can I Find Pet Health Insurance For Exotic Animals

If you have exotic pets, like your not-so-common snake, iguana, monkey, or other exotic member of your family, then you want to make sure their health care needs are met as well.  It depends on how much your pet means to you.  With exotic pets, owners may be faced with uncommon illnesses that require specialized care and vets who specialize in their species.  This can become very expensive. 

Where To Find Pet Health Insurance That Fits My Budget

Pet insurance policies can be detailed to fit any budget.  Whether you pay direct for reimbursement or open a health savings account, most veterinarians will work with you in the event of illness or death. 

To make sure that you are not stuck with an astronomical out of pocket expense, ask yourself now, where can I find pet health insurance?   Chances are by checking with pet specialty stores, veterinarians and on the Internet you will be flooded with options in no time.

When you have answered the question where can I find pet health insurance and have taken care of your pet’s insurance, you need to focus on your human family’s insurance needs. To do so, go to the quote tool at the top of this page and get started looking for competitive price quotes on health insurance for people now!