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Where is the best place to find health insurance for students?

Ah, youthfulness makes us believe we’re invincible, so a question like where is the best place to find health insurance for students is often the furthest thing from a youngster’s mind.  You might remember graduating from high school and looking forward to your freedom in college.  I’m sure where is the best place to find health insurance for students was not one of the top things on the itinerary.   That’s something parents think about.  Well parents, your insurance company may drop your child abruptly if they go to a college outside of the provider network area.  Life changes like going away to school should prompt you to ask where is the best place to find health insurance for students.

Health Insurance For Students: The Plans

Health insurance companies recognize the needs of students.   Most students are healthy 20 something year olds.  The only time they will have a need for health insurance is in the event of an accident or illness.  Major medical is not often offered although responsible policy holders will definitely want to add on major medical coverage since it is so cheap and so necessary.  Pre-existing conditions are not usually accepted.  Because companies save money on this expense, they are able to offer student health insurance at a cheap rate.  Some of the plan options include:

  • High Option - $50,000 for accident or illness per incident

  • Low Option - $25,000 for accident or illness per incident

  • International Plan - $250,000

Some of these plans do not include dental, vision, or emergency rooms visits.  Plans that include emergency room visits may require a deductible where most plans do not.  You can obtain separate discount plans to cover additional options.  Some plans that you might be familiar with are offered by major carriers. 

  • Student Select – Offered by Assurant Health

  • The Chickering Group – Offered by Aetna

  • SHIP – Students Health Insurance Plans/ UC Berkley

  • ACSA – American College Students Association

  • Pearce & Pearce – Specializing in student insurance since 1948

Of course, no one student health insurance plan is best for all students so be sure and "do your homework" on finding the best plan to meet your needs. Stick with a reputable insurance company that offers comprehensive coverage in case you develop a major illness with the accompanying expensive medical bills. Why not use our free health insurance quote finder at the top of the page and start comparing plans now?

Where Is The Best Place To Find Health Insurance For Students Going To Community College?

Students going to community college don’t usually have a campus infirmary like most university campuses.  This is one way that students save in tuition.  Most students that attend a community college are from that particular community or city.  In these cases, until a certain age in-state students may be able to remain on their parents’ policy a little longer without paying extra premiums.  If the student is from another state, whether they go to school full time or part time may make the difference in the best place to find heath insurance coverage.  They may be eligible for plans like Student Select, private plans offered at the community college or individual health insurance coverage.

Where Is The Best Place To Find Health Insurance For Students Going To School Part Time?

Many health insurance plans for students require the student to be in school full time or carry at least 9 credit hours.  For the student who has part time courses for just one semester or two, a short term health insurance policy might be the best choice.  A short term health insurance policy is a temporary policy that normally last for 6 months although there are some that offers 12 months of coverage.  You can most times renew the policy for up to 3 years.  If you plan to be a long-term part-time student, you may want to look at individual health insurance plans.

Where Is The Best Place To Find Health Insurance For Students Going To School In Another State?   

Most universities offer a school sponsored health insurance program for its students.  This school sponsored program is mandatory in most cases, unless the student is still on the parent’s plan.  Student’s prerequisites require that they be up to date on immunizations as well.  Most universities have a staff physician and nurses.  If you should maintain your coverage on your parent’s policy, make sure they cover the state where you are going. 

Where Is The Best Place To Find Health Insurance For Students Going Abroad?

Some students tend to travel a lot, if they are fortunate.  Some travel abroad for short periods of time like for spring break, and some for extended periods.  Foreign exchange students and those travelling abroad for example need to be aware of what kind of coverage they should have. 

  • Emergency Medical

  • Emergency Dental

  • Trip Interruption (illness before departure)

  • Emergency Evacuation

  • Repatriation (send home student's remains)

  • Lost Luggage

  • Emergency Reunion (to see family)

For obvious reasons, this type of plan is going to be more expansive than your basic domestic plan.

Where Is The Best Place To Find Health Insurance For Students From Other Countries?

Here is another student health insurance plan that requires reaching a bit deeper in the pocket.  Students from other countries are required to have United States insurance.  International insurance plans are not acceptable here in the US.  International students are categorized as:

                           F1 – Immigrant visa                            J1 – Exchange visitor visa                           M1 – Immigrant visa

It is recommended that international students obtain health insurance when they arrive in the US.  This type of insurance should include some of the same options that are included in US students traveling abroad. 

Where Is The Best Place To Find Health Insurance For Students With Disabilities?

Students with disabilities have many options.  In addition to having private health insurance options to fit their needs, students with disabilities have public health insurance options as well.   Since most disabled students already have some sort of health insurance, short term health insurance plans will cover any additional coverage needed.  Most universities and community colleges will accommodate any eligible student with necessary resources.

Where Is The Best Place To Find Health Insurance For Students In Your Family?

It is always important to do a little homework when making any purchase.  The internet offers so many options for parents who want to make sure their students have coverage in case of an unexpected medical expense.  The truth is children aren’t invincible.  While they believe they are, as a village, we must protect our youth. 

With a click of a mouse, you can receive any information you are looking for on health insurance for students.  Help is available right now by clicking on the quote tool at the top of the page.  Enter your zip code in and then start comparing plans from competing insurance companies.

There is no reason to have to ask, "Where is the best place to find health insurance for students?" because now you already know!