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Who offers the best health Insurance?

The question of who offers the best health insurance can really only be answered – it depends. There are many different health insurance companies all across the United States that offer quality health insurance and of course a lot depends upon the personal situation of the individual or family that is seeking coverage.

While personal specifics differ from one person to another (age, home zip code, health history, health needs, etc) here are some tips that everyone can put to good use when trying to find out who offers the best health insurance for their specific needs:

  1. Trusted – Choose a health insurance company that you can trust. Usually larger means better. You want to choose a company that is there for the long haul. One of the additional benefits to choosing a larger company is not only that they can usually be more trusted it is also that you can usually see dramatic cost savings. Larger companies are able to negotiate better rates for medical care from providers in their network. This means that as a member of a large medical insurance company you will also see those reduced rates. It is not unusual to see discounts of 50% or even more on prescriptions, doctor visits, hospital costs, x rays, and more as a member of a large company. Large companies are able to achieve these cost savings for you because of the purchasing power that comes with having so many members.

  2. Comprehensive – Choose a health insurance plan that is comprehensive. Your goal should be to select a plan that does not have any procedure limits, calendar year limits, or lifetime maximum limits (most plans have lifetime maximum limits but choose a plan with at least a $3,000,000 lifetime max). Stay as far away as you can from indemnity plans that promise only a preselected amount (usually very low) for certain procedures and from medical discount plans that only offer a small discount on medical care (receiving 20% off of a $100,000 medical bill is certainly nothing to get excited about).

  3. Low Premiums – Of course you want to find the company that offers the best care and for the lowest premiums. It can pay to shop around and compare rates from multiple companies at least once a year and even better every 6 months. Just because you have received a good health insurance rate 6 months ago does not mean that there is not a better rate if you shop around now. Health insurance rates change often and personal situations change often as well. Shop around to find the best value in health insurance coverage.

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