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Why is it important for me to maintain continuous health insurance coverage?

It is very important for you to maintain continuous health insurance coverage. One of the biggest reasons is just simply that if you are uninsured and have a major health problem then it can become next to impossible to then find coverage. Just like it would be absurd to think that you can crash your car and then try and find collision coverage to pay for the damages it is also absurd to think that you can develop a major health problem or get hit with a large medical bill and expect to find an insurance company that will pay the bill.

The next reason why it is important to never have a lapse in coverage is because there are laws that are designed to protect you so long as you do your best to keep continuous coverage. The COBRA health insurance laws and the HIPAA health insurance laws are both designed to protect people who have done their best to be responsible and maintain continuous health insurance coverage but for reasons beyond their control have been unable to continue coverage. When that happens then those laws step in to help. If you do not maintain continuous coverage then you lose the protection of those laws (to learn more about those laws and how they work read COBRA Health Insurance and HIPAA Health Insurance).

You don’t have to stay with the same insurance company forever as it is considered best practices to work with your agent to compare quotes from multiple companies at least once a year. Just be sure that if you do switch policies that you set the effective date (beginning coverage date) for the new policy to pick up immediately after your old policy cancels. Be sure not to make the mistake of thinking that you are invincible and will never get hit with a large medical bill – after all, medical bills are the single biggest cause of bankruptcy in the United States! Do your best to get the coverage and protection that you need today – and save money to boot! Take the first step by comparing free quotes from top insurance companies side by side. Get free health insurance quotes now!