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More About Health insurance FAQ

Health insurance FAQ

Reviewing our health insurance FAQ's (frequently asked questions) is an effective way to answer your questions concerning health coverage. Chances are if you have a burning question, then someone else has had it too and it may be addressed in our health insurance FAQ list. It is extremely important to understand the health insurance policy you are investigating before you buy. Research is definitely the key to making good consumer decisions regarding this most important type of financial security. Our health insurance FAQ's will give you a quick and thorough way to get the information you are looking for and even some that you didn’t know you were looking for.

How can I find health insurance for my child?

Most health insurance companies will offer individual health insurance to healthy children as young as a day old. Many insurance companies will automatically accept a newborn child onto the plan if the parents are already members of the plan. Here is what you need to do:

Will my pregnancy be covered under my health insurance plan?

A good rule of thumb for maternity health insurance benefits is that almost all group health insurance plans cover pregnancy automatically while most individual health insurance plans do not cover pregnancy automatically (but you can add on additional maternity coverage with an individual health plan for an extra cost). That being said, if you are already pregnant and without insurance then you will have to wait until after the pregnancy until you attempt to purchase coverage because almost no health insurance company will offer you individual health insurance coverage (and sometimes they will not even offer coverage to anyone in your immediate family) while pregnant.