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Report: Health insurance exchanges fail to attract eligible customers

Report: Health insurance exchanges fail to attract eligible customers

According to the Commonwealth Fund, most of those eligible for low cost health insurance through government exchanges haven't gone shopping on them yet.

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New web portal explains Obamacare for people living with HIV
November 24th, 2013

The Affordable Care Act could mean good things for people living with HIV.

Centers expected to help Americans find affordable health insurance
July 22nd, 2013

Americans who aren't sure where to go for low-cost health insurance may find help is available at nearly 1,200 health centers nationwide.

Government unveils new health insurance website
July 7th, 2013

With the individual health insurance mandate right around the corner, the government has given its health reform website a facelift to help consumers buy their coverage.

AMA: Claims processed faster but patients pay quarter of bill
July 7th, 2013

Large health insurers are getting better at processing claims but they should provide 'more transparency' about how much patients have to pay, the AMA says.

Health insurance companies and states get ready for exchanges
May 30th, 2013

In a few short months, health insurance exchanges will debut. Find out how one insurer and state are getting ready.

Survey reveals worker uncertainty about health insurance plans
May 30th, 2013

The trend in medical insurance has been to move toward consumer-driven health insurance plans -- but workers don't know much about them.

Study: Health insurance exchanges trump Medicaid
April 24th, 2013

Although states are expanding eligibility for Medicaid, one policy group says consumers are better off getting their health insurance coverage through exchanges rather than the government.

Report suggests out-of-network providers may be fleecing consumers
April 11th, 2013

Using a health care provider outside your health insurance network could cost nearly 100 times more than what Medicare pays. Find out which services have the greatest mark-up.

New online tool helps you assess insurance needs
March 12th, 2013

A new online tool from Aflac helps you see where there might be gaps in your health insurance. Use the customized results to make decisions regarding coverage.

Will some doctors say 'no' to health insurance?
October 15th, 2012

A comprehensive survey of U.S. physicians includes some surprising revelations, including the fact that 6.8 percent of doctors plan to switch to practice models that may result in direct payments being shifted from health insurance plans to patients.

Consumer-driven health insurance plans gaining popularity among employers
September 30th, 2012

As employers struggle to address the rising price of health care, many are turning to consumer-driven health insurance plans to cut costs. According to human resources firm Aon Hewitt, these plans have surpassed health maintenance organizations as the second-most popular health insurance benefit offered to workers.

Report: High-quality health care can be affordable
September 12th, 2012

High-quality health care doesn't have to cost a bundle. There is considerable variation in the cost of health care across the country, and the best care can be up to 14 percent more affordable than the national average, according to a recent report.

Report: 55 million with pre-existing conditions may get health insurance coverage
September 11th, 2012

More than 55 million Americans who have pre-existing conditions will be able to get health insurance coverage thanks to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. That's according to a series of analyses conducted by advocacy group Families USA. The reports, issued by the group for all 50 states and the District of Columbia, outline the number of non-elderly adults with pre-existing conditions who will have access to medical insurance in 2014.

Contraceptive mandate set to go into effect despite legal challenge
August 5th, 2012

Despite continued objections from Catholic organizations, a government mandate for contraceptive coverage is slated to go into effect on Aug. 1, 2012. A part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the mandate requires health insurance plans to pay for contraceptive coverage without requiring policyholders to pay any portion of the cost.

Rates and rebates: Online tool calculates data on medical insurance spending
July 20th, 2012

The federal government launched a new online tool to help consumers better understand how their health insurance premium dollars are being spent. Maintained by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the tool allows consumers to review their insurer's medical-loss ratios as well as determine whether their medical insurance company is planning to raise rates.

Cancer leads to nearly two-thirds of critical-illness insurance claims
July 5th, 2012

According to recently released data, cancer diagnoses are behind nearly two in three critical-illness insurance claims.

Blue Cross Blue Shield named health insurance brand of the year
May 24th, 2012

For the third year in a row, Blue Cross Blue Shield was the top brand among health insurance companies, according to the Harris Poll EquiTrend survey.

Report: More people seek health insurance help
May 7th, 2012

A nonprofit organization reports that patients are increasingly using its case management services.

Report: Social media offers opportunities for health care organizations
April 27th, 2012

Members of social media sites are doing more than posting status updates. According to a survey, they are also heading there for information on doctors, health insurance plans and more.