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Health Reform May Make Cheap Health Insurance Possible for Small Businesses
December 1st, 2009

Two provisions in the health care overhaul are designed to help small businesses procure cheap health insurance

Get Your Health Insurance Quotes Now: Health Insurance Rates to Rise in 2010
November 20th, 2009

Get your health insurance quotes now and lock into those rates. 2010 is expected to see quite a jump in medical insurance rates. Learn more.

Cuts to Medicare Mean Higher Demand for Cheap Health Insurance
November 19th, 2009

Scheduled cuts to Medicare reimbursements are going to lower reimbursements by an average of 21.2 percent. Learn more about how these

Cheap Health Insurance? Ending the Healthcare Anti-Trust Exemption to Lower Cost
November 17th, 2009

Cheap health insurance might be on the way. A proposal has been made to end the anti-trust exemption enjoyed by the health insurance and medical malpractice industries.

COBRA Subsidies to End but When?
November 17th, 2009

The Federal Government has subsidized 65 percent of the costs of COBRA for laid off workers. The subsidized coverage will expire for many, but new legislation may extend it.

Health Insurance Quotes Look Different Under Reform Light
November 16th, 2009

Health insurance quote expectations unmet as health insurance quotes take a hit from the Obama Administration's proposed reforms.

Medical Discount Plans Posing as Cheap Medical Insurance
November 16th, 2009

Medical discount plans may resemble cheap health insurance, but the truth is that MDPs aren't medical insurance plans in any shape, form, or fashion.

Free Health Insurance Quotes: Updates On The Issue Of Free Health Insurance
November 14th, 2009

Free health insurance and free health insurance quotes are two of the initiatives of the Obama Administration's pending health care overhaul.

Consumer Directed Health Plans and Cost Savings
November 13th, 2009

Consumer directed health plans are intended to save money and provide cheap health insurance for companies by putting consumers in charge of their healthcare expenditures.

Medicare Advantage and Cost Savings
November 12th, 2009

Cuts have been proposed for Medicare Advantage, a private insurance alternative to traditional fee for service Medicare. Enrollees and health insurance trade groups oppose them.

Why Government-Sponsored May Be the Cheapest Health Insurance
November 3rd, 2009

Find out why government-sponsored health insurance may be our best chance at the cheapest health insurance out there.

Tort Reform Can Lower Healthcare Costs
November 2nd, 2009

The Congressional Budget Office reported that tort reform would save the federal government $54 billion over 10 years

How the Health Insurance Quote Lacks Punch Under Obama Plan
October 30th, 2009

Health insurance quotes may not reveal the true costs of healthcare under the Obama administration's plan for restructuring. Find out why.

Electronic Health Records Can Save Lives and Money
October 29th, 2009

Electronic Health Records or EHRs, can be used to electronicaly store and retrieve data, exchange data between care providers and save money while saving lives

Cheap Medical Insurance and How a Health Insurance Comparison Can Save You Money
October 22nd, 2009

Cheap medical insurance is found by conducting a health insurance comparison with several quotes from companies that compete for your business.

Health Insurance Quote Sources and Information on Need-Based Free Health Insurance
October 21st, 2009

Health insurance quote how-to that explores options for needs-based free health insurance catering to both individuals and families.

Cheap Health Insurance: Health Insurance Quotes for Self-Employed Individuals
October 14th, 2009

Health insurance quotes and cheap health insurance options for entrepreneurs, contractors, freelancers and other self-employed individuals

Healthcare Overhaul Continues: Will America See Cheap Health Insurance?
October 14th, 2009

The Senate Finance Committee will release its version of the healthcare overhaul bill.