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Accident Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance is something that everyone can agree on that they need, but many people are just not sure about accident health insurance and if it is necessary or not.  When taking out a loan or mortgage for a house, some companies add accident insurance as part of the loan.  It says the loan will automatically be paid off, should you have an accident resulting in death or certain severe injuries. 

This type of coverage is sometimes referred to as personal accident insurance, accidental death and dismemberment coverage, or supplemental accident insurance.

So, is accident health insurance something that everyone wants or needs? How is it different from a standard health insurance policy?  Should you purchase an accident health insurance policy?

The Definition Of Accident Health Insurance

Accident health insurance is a type of supplemental health insurance that protects you in case of an accident and is separate typically from your major medical health insurance policy. For example, if you are in a car accident, depending on your health insurance policy, your basic medical needs will be paid for. 

Accident health insurance is an indemnity policy (paid to you or your family, not your health care provider) that will cover loss of wages and sometimes debt payment, if you are seriously injured, disabled, or killed.  In the event of your death, this policy pays out benefits in addition to any life insurance policies.

It will also cover medical expenses that your regular health insurance policy will not cover as well as transportation costs related to your care.  Often times you can purchase accident health insurance as a rider to your regular health insurance policy from the same company.

Accident Health Insurance: Needed By Some, Not All

While accident health insurance is a good idea for almost everyone, not everyone carries it.  Usually people will buy one time accident health insurance if they are going to be leisurely traveling to cover the amount of time that they will be out of the country; in this case it is usually called travelers insurance.

People who would want to consider purchasing additional health insurance are those with high risk jobs, those who travel extensively out of the country due to work (accident health insurance has international coverage where many standard health insurance policies do not)  military members serving overseas in a war zone (the military and the VA only cover so much and you want to make sure your family can take care of themselves if the worst should happen),  and those who have hobbies that include extreme sports.

Groups That May Want To Consider Purchasing An Accident Health Insurance Plan

For those people who are in charge and responsible for a group of people, they may want to look into accident health insurance for the group to cover the assets of the organization in case something were to happen to one of the members during an event.  Examples of groups or organizations that might want to consider an accident health insurance policy are:

  • Youth groups

  • Clubs or recreation programs

  • Day care centers

  • Summer or day camps

  • Churches

  • Auxiliary police or fire units

  • Sports leagues

The Available Accident Health Insurance Options

  • Accident Injury – Pays benefits, including loss of wages, in the case of serious accident injury.  Usually there is a specific list of injuries that are covered.  For example injuries related to a car accident as opposed to needing five or six stitches because you slipped with a knife cutting a bagel.

  • Disability or Dismemberment – Pays benefits in cases of permanent disability or dismemberment resulting from an accident.  Examples include loss of a limb, hearing or eyesight, as well as paralysis.  Your policy will spell out the details of what is and is not covered.

  • Hospital Care – This coverage will help cover hospital and medical expenses not otherwise covered by your regular health insurance policy.

  • Accidental Death - Accident death benefits are paid to your family or beneficiary to help with normal living expenses due to loss of income in the event of your death.  Death must be accident not due to natural causes for the policy to pay.

Companies That Offer Accident Health Insurance Coverage

Some of the best accident health insurance companies offering policies in the United States include:

  1. AFLAC

  2. AIG

  3. Health Special Risk, Inc

  4. Gateway

  5. Mega Life

  6. Nationwide

  7. Allstate

  8. CIGNA

  9. Colonial Life

  10. Travel Guard

  11. Hoovers

  12. Conseco

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