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Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance Plans

Guaranteed issue health insurance is a very important thing for some people. When you have a pre-existing medical issue or otherwise have problems that make passing underwriting difficult, it can be very hard to find health insurance.  You can, however, look into the option of guaranteed issue health insurance. 

With a guaranteed issue plan for health insurance you will find securing health insurance to be much easier.  This is due to the way that the health insurance under guaranteed issue is designed.  However, you also need to be aware of other challenges with a guaranteed issue plan of health insurance.

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Definition Of Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance

Guaranteed issue health insurance is health insurance that typically requires little or no underwriting (for the plans that do require in depth underwriting the underwriters are not looking for pre-existing conditions that may exclude one from obtaining coverage but rather just looking for things that will help them determine the rate for the policy).

 When you apply for the coverage you will find that the process is much different than when you apply for other types of health insurance.  Some things that you may not have to do when applying for guaranteed issue health insurance:

  1. Give your medical history

  2. Meet height or weight requirements

  3. Take a medical exam

You will also find there are very few limitations to coverage.  Almost everyone who applies for this type of health insurance plan will be accepted.

What To Watch For When Shopping For A Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance Plan

The need and desire for a health insurance that will accept those who are normally denied insurance coverage is so great that there are many companies out there who are posing as health insurance companies who do not offer the type of coverage a person really wants.

There are companies that will often advertise as a guaranteed issue health insurance company who do not really offer typical coverage.  Instead they offer discounts on services. It can often be hard to find out what the exact benefits of these plans are before you pay your first premium and sign up with the company.  You should always take notice if the company does not give you a full policy explanation before requiring payment.

What you want from a legitimate company is a company that:

  1. Advertises the benefits and plans clearly and completely

  2. Uses a national network of doctors and hospitals

  3. Follows HIPAA guidelines

Credentials Of A Good Candidate For Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance

In general, a guaranteed issue health insurance policy is going to be rather costly.  You should only buy one if you truly need it.  You should always exhaust all other options before looking into guaranteed issue.  However, some people are excellent candidates for this type of coverage.

If you

  1. have a pre existing medical condition


  1. have a future medical concern that will not be covered by current insurance,

then you are a good candidate and should start shopping around for coverage.

Types Of Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance

There are three main types of guaranteed issue health insurance.  You will want to understand all three types so that you can have the best chance of choosing the type of coverage that will work for you.

Limited benefit or Indemnity plan – This type of plan has limitations on how much the insurance will cover.  There are levels for each kind of benefit and once you reach the maximum level then your coverage is finished for the period and you must pay all expenses out of pocket.  Also not every service is going to be covered under this type of plan. 

Mini-medical plan – This type of plan has co-pays and also covers testing and other services generally not covered under other types of plans.  It is like a major medial plan with all the coverage, but it does have limitations like a limited benefit plan.

Major medical plan – This is like any other non-guaranteed health insurance plan.  They are difficult to find and often quite costly.

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Once you have decided that guaranteed issue health insurance is for you and is the best choice you will need to start shopping around.  A licensed independent health insurance agent that is familiar with local plans in your state will be a tremendous help to you in your health insurance search.

Shopping around will help you to find the best coverage at the most affordable rates.  Keep in mind that underwriting standards vary from one insurance company to the next. You can use our quote tool to get multiple quotes quickly.  It is fast and easy.  You will get quotes you can compare so that you can find guaranteed issue health insurance to help you keep your medical needs covered.

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