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College Student Health Insurance Quote

Getting a college student health insurance quote is the first step towards providing the protection you or your child needs while away from home. In order to understand the quote you receive on college student health insurance, you need to know what it is and how it is offered. This article is intended to give you the information you need to make sure that the quote you get for college student health insurance reflects your needs.

Understanding Your College Student Health Insurance Quote

College student health insurance is many times a group health insurance plan often provided through a insurance company and plan selected by the college. Some colleges provide services at a student health center on-campus while others act like an HMO, providing services through in-network physicians and other providers. You can also choose to get your own college student health insurance completely independent of the college plan.

Even though you may be young and healthy, and think that you don’t need insurance, accidents and infections can happen to anyone.  Staph and other infections spread easily around college campuses where students share many things from dorm rooms, to cafeteria tables, to sodas or books. 

Students can carry infections and not even be aware of it.  For example, staph infections can show up first as dry skin or a pimple and they are already contagious. Even dirty laundry can carry the germs of infection around the dorm or apartment.  The best ways to protect yourself while you are a student are to practice good hygiene by washing your hands and keeping up with your laundry, seeing your doctor if you are sick, and making sure you have health insurance to cover your treatment and expenses when you need it.

College Student Health Insurance Quote Options

On-Campus Health Centers are usually free to use if you are in the college’s student health insurance plan.  They provide limited services which usually include consultation and treatment for minor emergencies, x-rays, colds and flues, sinus infections like strep throat, and ear infections, sprains and strains, and some more serious illnesses like mononucleosis.

Prescriptions, x-rays, vaccines, and lab tests are not always covered but may be offered at a discount with a limit on covered expenses of about $2000 per year. Average costs are about $1000 per year for an on-campus college student health insurance plan. 

Family Health Insurance Plans may cover a college student up to the age of 25, as long as you are a full-time student. Before you purchase college student health insurance, check with your family’s insurer to see if you have dependent coverage for students.

College Student Individual Health Insurance Policies are available through many companies.  Use an individual policy if you are not covered under your family’s plan, an employee plan or another group policy. 

Individual coverage can be an indemnity policy which reimburses you for some of your out-of-pocket expenses when you receive health care services but lets you choose who you see and where, or a managed-care plan like an HMO which sets more limits on who and where you go to for treatment but covers more of the up-front, out-of-pocket expenses and cost as little as $27 per month. 

You can keep the costs down by opting for a higher deductible.  Make sure to ask for a non-smokers discount if you don’t smoke, and look for other discounts that might apply to you.

Coverage Options In A College Student Health Insurance Quote

Coverage options will vary depending on the insurance company.  Compare policy coverage for:

  • Doctors’ fees for office visits
  • X-rays, lab tests, vaccines
  • Prescription coverage
  • Hospital room and board
  • Expenses for surgical procedures
  • Costs associated with treatment for illness or injury

If you plan to travel out-of-state or out of the U.S., check first to see if your college student health insurance policy covers you where you plan to go. If not, you may want to consider adding a policy that covers you when you are on the road.

International College Student Health Insurance is often available through the college or university, from traditional health insurance companies and from organizations designed to provide support to international students. Plan costs vary but can start as low as $27 per month.

Insurance Companies That Offer College Student Health Insurance Quotes

Here are some of the more well known insurance companies that specialize in offering affordable student health insurance quotes:


Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield





International Student Organization


United Healthcare

World Insurance Company

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