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Family Health Insurance Quote

Getting a family health insurance quote will inform you of the available plans that can provide comprehensive medical insurance for you and your family. Understanding family health insurance quotes will help you get the best plan for your needs.

Whether you are looking for just you and your spouse, or you have children, too, gathering the information you need will make getting your quote simple. 

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The Basics Of Finding The Best Family Health Insurance Quote

If your family often uses health services, a plan with greater coverage may be the best one for you.  If your family uses health services infrequently, you can choose a plan with lower up-front costs but more out-of-pocket when you do use services.  You can decide the right family health insurance plan for you based on the balance between affordability and coverage.

There are two different kinds of family health insurance, indemnity and managed-care plans. One gives you more choices but has higher initial expenses, while the other usually has lower out-of-pocket costs but less choice. Plans with greater coverage options up front such as copays tend to have higher monthly premiums.

Indemnity Family Health Insurance Plans, also called fee-for-service plans, are traditional health insurance. You pick the health care provider and services you want, pay for the services received, and the family health insurance plan reimburses you for a percentage of the costs or for a specific amount for each health service provided, up to the limit of your plan.

Preventative health services such as annual check-ups are not included in some indemnity health insurance plans. Choose a high deductible if you don’t expect to use the plan often or if you want to be sure you and your family are covered in the case of emergencies, and you can save a lot on the monthly premium.  If you want the greatest flexibility in your health insurance plan, indemnity family health insurance may be the best plan for you.

However, one word of warning for those considering an indemnity health insurance plan for their family: “Indemnity” means that the insurance company will pay out benefits literally on a “Stated Benefit” schedule. What this means is that the insurance company will pay a benefit amount according to the policy schedule irregardless of how much the actual procedure or service costs.

For example, if you have an indemnity family health insurance plan and your child breaks a leg and it costs $25,000 at the hospital. If the benefit schedule for your policy states that the insurance company will only pay up to $10,000 for broken legs then guess what? You will be responsible to make up the difference.

Indemnity health insurance plans are usually much cheaper than other full coverage comprehensive benefits family health insurance plans. Choose an indemnity plan only if you truly cannot afford a comprehensive major medical family health insurance plan.

Managed-Care Family Health Insurance Plans reduce costs by negotiating for services through a network of healthcare providers. You will pay less out-of-pocket but will have different restrictions on which health care providers you can use, depending on the type of managed-care you select. 

Preventative health services such as annual check-ups are usually included in managed-care health insurance plans There are three basic types of manage-care health insurance plans: HMO, PPO, and POS.

Getting A Family Health Insurance Quote For Managed Care Plans

HMO Managed-Care Family Health Insurance.  Health Maintenance Organizations or HMOs provide benefits through a network of providers.  You will choose a Primary Care Provider (PCP) from a list of doctors in the HMO can choose the from among the doctors and services that are in the HMO plan.

 You pay a very low co-pay for doctors visits or prescriptions. When you need to see a specialist, you will get a referral from your PCP doctor.  Most HMOs let you use emergency services without a referral and some also include OB/GYN visits without referrals. Some of the services that are usually included in HMOs are:

  • Doctor Visits
  • Maternity Care
  • Prenatal Care
  • Hospital Care
  • Physical, Vision, and Hearing Exams
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Surgery
  • Emergency Services

Another type of HMO is an EPO which has more restrictions on services than standard HMOs but lower premiums. Usually there are fewer doctors to choose from and little or no coverage for seeing doctors outside of the plan.

PPO Managed-Care Family Health Insurance.  Preferred Provider Organizations or PPOs also provide benefits through a network of providers.  The fees doctors and other providers can charge are negotiated by the PPO.  Usually, you have more choice of providers but pay slightly more for each visit and each prescription than in an HMO.

POS Managed-Care Family Health Insurance.  Point of Service plans or POS plans combine some of the features of HMOs and PPOs.  You choose an in-network doctor for your primary care physician but can go out of network if you are willing to pay more out-of-pocket for that visit.

Family Health Insurance Quote And Average Costs

In 2006, the average monthly cost for family health insurance was about $956 although there are often much cheaper family health insurance available that offer comprehensive benefits if your family is healthy enough to be accepted onto an individual health insurance plan. 

Remember that individual health insurance will average about half the cost of a similar group health insurance plan.

You can also find family health insurance coverage that costs less if you are willing to cover more of the out-of-pocket expenses and accept a higher deductible. 

Some Insurance Companies Offering Family Health Insurance Quotes


Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield




Kaiser Permanente

Mercy Health Plans


United Healthcare

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