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Short Term Health Insurance Quote

Short term health insurance quotes are important to get if you are looking for temporary health insurance.  This type of coverage protects against unexpected medical bills in the event of accident or sudden illness. 

Obtaining a quote on short term health insurance is no different than getting a quote on any other insurance policy but these policies are handled a little differently.  The appeal of short term health insurance is that the premiums are low and it provides for emergency health situations where medical costs can add up quickly. 

It’s an easy step from getting a short term health insurance quote to getting temporary coverage to protect in case of a catastrophe. Many insurance companies offer next day short term health insurance coverage so you can request and compare quotes online for short term health insurance in just a few minutes and then apply for and have coverage by the next day.

The Reasons To Need A Short Term Health Insurance Quote

Those between the ages of 2 and 65 who are in good health and have never been turned down for health insurance are eligible for short term health insurance, provided they are not eligible for Medicare. However, just because you are eligible for short term insurance doesn’t mean it’s something you need.

Most major company health plans will not cover part time or temporary employees.  This group of people has helped make temporary insurance rather popular.

People between jobs should consider a temporary health plan.  Temporary health insurance policies can be a lot cheaper than COBRA coverage and are the perfect solution if you are in good health and have no pre-existing conditions.

Recent college graduates who are no longer on their parents policy and are looking for a job that will offer health care benefits might want to consider a short term health insurance policy.

Those who have recently been discharged from the military who are no longer covered by retirement, disability or VA benefits.

On strike employees may need temporary health insurance coverage.

Those who are traveling out of the country may want to look into a special short term traveler’s policy that will cover anything that happens out of the county.

Anyone waiting for permanent health insurance policy to kick in.  Some employers require you to be employed for anywhere between 30 to 90 days before your benefits begin.

Your Short Term Health Insurance Quote: How Temporary Health Insurance Policies Work

Short term health insurance policies typically work like an indemnity policy (although some plans follow a PPO model – keep in mind that these guidelines are general in nature. To view personalized short term health insurance quotes from top insurance companies just enter your information into our free health insurance quote finder at the top of the page). 

With an indemnity short term health insurane plan you are free to go to the doctor or medical facility of your choice. 

In an indemnity short term health insurance policy you pay for the costs up front and the insurance company reimburses you for either the full cost of care or a percentage depending on your deductible and plan. 

All care, with the exception of emergency care, is subjected to pre-authorization.  This means you have to get the permission of your insurance company prior to care in order to be reimbursed.

Short term health insurance does not cover routine or preventative doctor’s visits or exams, maternity care, routine prescriptions such as asthma or thyroid medications you have currently been on, dental or vision care or any work related injuries.

Short term health insurance policies exclude any pre-existing conditions from the previous three years.

Most policies are good for 30 to 180 days and some are renewable up to 36 months.  However, if you filed any claims some companies may refuse to renew your policy or give you a new one listing anything you were previously treated for in your first policy as a pre-existing condition that they do not have to cover.

Short term health insurance covers hospitalization, x-rays, medications related to any hospitalization or emergency care, surgery, diagnostic tests, and emergency services are covered as well as all follow up care with some limitations and special conditions.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) does not apply to short term health insurance policies.  This means the insurance company does not have to guarantee an issuance, a policy renewal or cover pre-existing conditions even if the person is otherwise eligible for a pre-existing coverage waiver.

Health Insurance Companies Offering Short Term Health Insurance Quotes

Here is a listing of some of the best insurers offering short term health insurance coverage in the US:

Assurant Health


Liberty Select

Standard Security Life Secure STM

Fairmont Specialty Group

American Health Shield

Celtic Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield

United Healthcare





Kaiser Permanente

Golden Rule



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