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Health Insurance for Journalists

When we talk about one of the most important professions in present day America, we have to mention that of journalism. With the increasing reach of the Internet and the news media increasing in scope dramatically, the need for journalists has increased. Journalism isn’t just writing articles from the comfort of home or in a company building. Some journalists actually have to go out and physically explore the stories they are writing about. Because of this it is very important for them to be protected with health insurance in the event of an unforeseen medical bill.

All Journalists Need Health Insurance (In Fact, Everyone Does Really)

Some think that journalists only have the need to purchase life insurance because they never hear of a journalist being injured or hurt. Instead what they hear is that a journalist died while in some remote region of the world. According to the World Association of Newspapers, there were at least 75 journalists killed in 2006. This is the most that have died in a year since the association began keeping data of journalist deaths in 1997. Whether or not you travel as a journalist it is always the responsible thing for anyone in any profession to keep and maintain adequate health insurance coverage. After all, the single biggest cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States is medical bills.

Many Journalists Are Offered Group Health Insurance

Many journalists, whether they are out trying to capture amazing stories or inside a nice office building, are employed by large corporations. These companies more than likely offer group health insurance plans that will cover all, if not most medical expenses. National Stations like ABC, CBS, CNN and FOX and some local news stations all offer their full time employers group health plans that will take care of them and their family in case of an accident or if they choose to go to a doctor’s visit.

Individual Health Insurance is Typically Much Cheaper Than Group Health Insurance

A journalist may be well served looking into the possibility of getting a less expensive individual plan if their employer does not pay the full price of the group health insurance benefits package. If there is no need for having all those services and paying for them, in other words if you are a healthy individual; then you should shop around to look for the best price around. Additionally, journalists who are self employed or who work for a small business with no group health plan will definitely want to compare individual health insurance options.

Author’s Guild Health Insurance

Self-Employed journalists or writers have another option when it comes to health insurance. There are some organizations for journalists that will give you a discounted rate for health care needs. One of them is The Author’s Guild that was founded in 1912. The company offers discounted health insurance plans in South Florida, New York State and Massachusetts and they also have a nationwide dental plan. They also have some health plans in Connecticut and Chicago, but since the cost of health care has risen so much, they cannot give discounted insurance in those states. If you are considering a discounted health plan through the Author’s Guild then you will still want to compare quotes from multiple companies to get an idea of what average rates are in your area (use our free tool at the top of the page to compare quotes from multiple companies side by side).

National Writers Union Health Insurance

Another great organization that a journalist may join if they have the need for discounted health insurance is one called The National Writers Union. This is the biggest organization for journalists in America with roughly 3,500 members in 17 chapters. Although you must be a member of the organization for 90 days before becoming eligible for the health plan, they do offer a variety of discounted plans. A new thing that they offer is vision and dental plans that became available very recently.

In order to qualify for the National Writers Union health insurance plan you must provide the union with the required tax documentation for small group status or sole proprietor. The union offers both HMO’s for the people that just want local coverage and have the need of a primary care physician and PPO’s for the people that want to go out of network when needed and pay a little bit more monthly. Both plans cover doctor visits, have no deductible and offer prescription coverage. You can apply after being a member for 90 days at this website: http://www.nwuhealth.org/index.asp, where they will give you all the information about each of the plans and will make the enrollment process a little bit easier for you.

Self Employed Journalists Can Still Find Great Health Insurance!

As you can see being a journalist, even a self employed journalist, you can find health insurance that suits your needs. The most important thing is to see which one is best for your particular situation. If you are employed ask for the company’s group plan and what it offers. If you are a part-time or self-employed person then it’s time to look around and see what is best for you. Just keep in mind that the organizations mentioned above will give you more benefits than just health insurance, and in some cases they may even help you save a lot of money!

Compare Health Insurance Quotes

Use our free quote finding tool at the top of the page or on our home page to get started comparing quotes. The best thing to do if you are considering purchasing a plan through the Author’s Guild or the National Writers Union is to first take a few moments and request quotes from the tool at the top of the page and then use those rate quotes as a benchmark for comparing premiums and benefits with the Journalist health plans available from the organizations. Get started with a free health insurance quote comparison now!