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Health Insurance for Nurses

It seems ironic that people in the health care field would be worried about health insurance, but health insurance for nurses can be difficult to come by.  The reasons for this don’t seem fair considering everything that nurses do. 

First their income doesn’t always allow them to purchase health insurance and second, nurses are in a high risk group all of their own, calling for higher premiums, due to occupational hazards. 

Here is the information nurses need to find good individual health insurance for nurses (and some group health insurance options).

Challenges To Finding Affordable Health Insurance For Nurses

Nurses are exposed to HIV, Hepatitis, measles, tuberculosis and other communicable and blood borne diseases as well as x-ray exposure, chemical exposure, back injury, stress, and exhaustion. 

What is even more ironic is that many nurses tend to fight for health care for their patients and the uninsured, before ensuring they have their own coverage. While this all seems like bad news, the good news is there are insurance companies that have set up health insurance programs for nurses and others in the medical profession. 

Health Insurance For Nurses With The American Society Of Registered Nurses

The American Society of Registered Nurses (ASRN) is a relatively new organization (political action committee) with a number of goals, one of them being to strengthen the professional environment.  One of the ways they are doing this is through a group health insurance plan underwritten by Affinity Health.  Those that take care of the sick need to be taken care when they become sick. 

ASRN members have the choice of several health care plans:

  • PPO Plan - Preferred Provider Organization where you get a discount for using specific doctors, hospitals, clinics, etc.

  • HSA's (Health Savings Accounts) where you put away pre-tax dollars to pay for medical expenses.

  • Short Term Health Insurance  (up to 12 months).

  • Student Health Insurance for student nurses – yes, there are even special plans out thee for nursing students.

  • International Medical Insurance for those who will be traveling.

  • Limited Benefit Plans to cover exactly what you need covered.

Other options offered by ASRN :

  • Free Prescription Drug Card for up to 60% off prescriptions.

  • Long Term Care Insurance.

  • Life & Disability Income Plans.

All health plans feature:

  • 24 to 36 month guarantee that rates won’t change

  • $25 million lifetime maximum on benefits

  • Optional HSA to go with other medical care to save even more money.

  • Worldwide coverage

  • Optional Dental

  • Optional Term Life Insurance

  • Office visit and prescription drug coverage

Health Insurance For Nurses Provided By Nurses Service Organization

A second option for nurses looking for health insurance options, also underwritten by Affinity Health is the options provided by the Nurses Service Organization (NSO) and eHealthInsurance.com (owned by Affinity).

Plans available:

  • PPO - Preferred Provider Organization

  • HMO – Health maintenance Organization where you pay a flat fee monthly for medical care if you need it or not.  Your choice of doctors will be limited or you will be required to visit HMO employed doctors and clinics.

  • HSA – Health Savings Account to provide you with more savings by allowing for you to put away pre-tax dollars for out of pocket medical costs.

  • Indemnity – fee for service policy where you pay up front and your insurance company reimburses you all or a portion of your medical costs.

  • POS – Point of Service where you choose your own doctor and pay a discounted rate if you choose an in network doctor or pay more if you choose an out of network doctor.

While the options available through The American Society of Registered Nurses and Nurses Service Organization are the easiest to find information on, there are other options available out there.  Working with an independent agent who represents many insurance companies or getting online quotes from numerous providers can be a great benefit. 

An agent is likely to know the best insurance companies to work with, if anyone offers special discounts to health workers and what group plans are available just for being a nurse. Just be aware that many agents are actually brokers only qualified to sell for a certain company.  

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