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High Risk Health Insurance

High risk health insurance is an option that very few people ever consider until they are in the situation where they need it. Being considered high risk for health insurance can be a worrisome proposition. Not finding coverage or only being able to secure extremely expensive coverage are major points of concern.

However there are still some options available for those looking for high risk health insurance.  A step in the right direction is using an online quote tool such as ours to get a variety of quotes on high risk health insurance to help find the most competitive price. Remember, that different insurance companies have different rating guidelines. You may be declined by one insurer and be approved by another. To compare quotes from multiple insurance companies just enter your zip code into the tool at the top of the page to get started comparing high risk health insurance options.

Being considered as a high risk for health insurance typically means that you have a serious or even grave health condition, such as cancer, stroke, or heart problems. Insurance companies recognize that you will inevitably cost them a lot of money and put you into the high-risk category with extremely high rates or will even deny you coverage.

High Risk Health Insurance From The State

Many states offer a state risk pool for people who are considered high risk to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to obtain health insurance if they want it. The risk-pool is basically putting all the high-risk individuals into one group and obtaining coverage on them as a group policy.

There are some qualifications for this program however. You must live in the state you are trying to get the high-risk insurance from and you typically need to fall into one of 3 categories.

  1. Rejected: You must have proof that you have been rejected for health insurance coverage.

  2. High Payments: You must be currently paying health insurance premiums that are higher than the ones offered by the state’s high risk pool coverage.

  3. Exclusions: You must show that you have exclusions on the policy you now have for pre-existing conditions or that your company has denied claims for certain services.

High Risk Health Insurance Costs

These policies tend to have high deductibles, high premiums and lots of limitations. There are often long waiting periods for pre-existing conditions to become covered or even exclusions for some of them. High risk health insurance through your state risk pool is often very expensive for most people unless you happen to live in Colorado, Connecticut, New Mexico, Oregon, Tennessee and Wisconsin, where premiums are adjusted according to income. 

Another factor that influences the price of these high risk health insurance premiums is that there is not an employer covering part of the cost, therefore even more of it falls on the shoulders of the policyholder. These types of coverage should be looked at as a last resort or as a short-term solution, while you look for other types of coverage.

Alternatives For Anyone Seeking High Risk Health Insurance

As with any type of insurance, shopping around is the key to getting the best possible coverage at the best possible price. If you have been denied insurance from one company or are considered high risk, you need to do a lot of investigation into the alternatives available.

  1. There may be other companies on the market with different underwriting requirements who will offer you more affordable insurance or coverage with fewer exclusions or lower deductibles that state risk-pool policies.

  2. If you can get any type of group coverage at all, it will often be a better solution (because you will be accepted onto the policy regardless of health issues) than the state policy.

  3. Fully investigate your options to make sure you are ineligible for Medicare or Medicaid or other government assistance programs. If you are eligible for such plans, then you are ineligible for the state’s high risk insurance plan.

  4. Check to see if you are eligible for COBRA benefits. If you have recently become or are about to become ineligible for group insurance, because of retirement, quitting a job, a spouse leaving a job and many other reasons, you may be able to extend your coverage for anywhere from 18 to 36 months. This option is time-sensitive however, so you need to act fast.

  5. Check to see if you are eligible for HIPAA. HIPAA health insurance is a guaranteed issue individual health insurance plan available for people that maintain continuous coverage and for reason beyond their control are unable to continue their health insurance coverage. HIPAA plans will extend coverage to high risk individuals regardless of health issues. One benefit to a HIPAA plan is that there are no pre-existing condition limitations as there can be with regular individual health insurance and regular group health insurance plans.

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