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Independent Health insurance Agents and Brokers

Independent health insurance agents and brokers can help you navigate the sometimes complex world of shopping for independent health care insurance.  It can be confusing, time consuming, and littered with medical jargon or terminology that you just don’t quite understand. 

With so many health insurance companies and policies to choose from, how do you make the best decision and get the best coverage for your money?  That is where independent health insurance agents and brokers come in. 

An independent health insurance agent or broker is licensed by the state to work for and represent members of the public who are purchasing independent health insurance.  This means that they had to take an examination, similar to lawyers passing the bar exam before being allowed to practice.

The Difference Between Independent Health Insurance Agents / Brokers And Captive Agents

Captive agents work solely for one insurance company while an independent agent has the ability to work with several insurance companies.   Where a captive agent with a large insurance company has the ability to offer services of a large company, an independent agent has the ability to go through more products and services to customize a policy to your individual needs at the best rates.  The independent health insurance agents and brokers have a lot more freedom to find what you need at a price close to what you want to pay.

What You Should Know About Independent Health Insurance Brokers And Agents While Choosing One

  • Hiring an independent broker will not increase your premium.  You should not have to pay to use a broker. If one tries to charge you, refuse to pay it and report him or her to the State Department of Insurance.

  • Independent insurance brokers are paid on commission by the insurance companies on the policies they sell.  Chances are each insurance company pays a different commission (It’s probably safe to assume that larger companies offer larger commissions than smaller ones).  The agent you are working with may push policies from the insurance company that pays the largest commission.

  • Agents who are after the largest commission tend to only show policies for one or two companies or try to persuade you from looking at other policies than the ones you have been initially shown.

  • Don’t hesitate to ask your agent or broker to justify their recommendations. This will give you a good idea of their competency and uncover motivations.

  • Make sure your agent or broker has their state license.  This can be checked through the State Department of Insurance.

Advantages To Using An Independent Health Insurance Agent Or Broker

  • It saves you the time of having to sift through the many different insurance companies on your own..

  • You have someone experienced at deciphering the terminology of the health insurance companies who can explain exactly what you are getting.

  • An independent health insurance broker or agent can give you personalized individual customer service that you can not get from a large insurance company.  When you call a large insurance company asking questions about policies, each time you call with more questions, chances are, you will not get the same agent.  With an independent health insurance agent or broker you don’t have that problem.

  • Most independent health insurance agents and brokers have local offices.  You will be able to go into one and talk face to face with someone instead of solely dealing with someone on the phone.  You can find a local broker or agent easily by going through the phone book or looking online.  The Association of Online Insurance Agents has a listing of agents and brokers broken down by state.

  • Your insurance needs will change over time and if you use an independent health insurance agent then it will be no problem for them to help you change from one insurance company to another years down the road and still continue to service your policy.

Health Insurance Plans That Independent Health Insurances Agents And Brokers Can Help You Find

  • Individual Health Insurance

  • Long term disability insurance

  • Short term medical insurance

  • Prescription coverage

  • Dental coverage

  • Vision coverage

  • Travelers health insurance

  • Medicare supplements

  • Group health insurance

  • Short term disability insurance

  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s)

In addition to health insurance plans, many of these brokers can also help you find life insurance, car insurance, and 401K plans.

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