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Cheap Short Term Health Insurance

Cheap short term health insurance is just what the doctor ordered for anyone who is in between jobs and elects not to use COBRA; those that have finished college but don’t have full time employment yet; and even some that start a new job that doesn’t offer benefits immediately. 

Short term health insurance can often times be more affordable if you know the amount of time you need it.  Finding a cheap temporary health insurane plan can be done. To find the cheapest short term health insurance, you must know what to search for and what factors play into the premium.  This article will show you the basics of short term health insurance and how to the find the cheapest policy to fit your needs.

Once you are done reading some tips to save money on short term health insurance then plug in your information into our free quote comparison tool at the top of the page. You can compare permanent and short term health insurance quotes from top health insurers online. Get started saving money on your health insurance today!

Basics Of Cheap Short Term Health Insurance Plans

First of all, you must make sure that you qualify for short term health insurance.  Individuals that are in between permanent insurance plans and will need it for less than 12 months meet the requirements for most short term insurance plans.  However, certain carriers will offer short term insurance up to 36 months.  Here are a few items to keep in mind while determining if short term insurance is for you:

  • Pre-existing conditions are not covered in short term insurance plans.  Things such as surgery, prescription, and emergency room care are covered, but not preventative care on most plans, depending on the policy purchased.

  • Even if you have COBRA as an option in between jobs, most short term insurance policies will be considerably cheaper as they only cover certain types of care.

  • Beware of what your deductible is set at.  For example, you may only be paying $60/month but have a deductible of $2000.  This of course means that you must first pay out of pocket up to $2000 for most services until your short term insurance coverage would kick in.

  • Most preventative care will not be covered under a short term health insurance plan. 

  • Surgery, prescriptions, emergency care, some follow-up doctor visits, and often times some mental health care will be covered, depending on your plan.  Always be sure to evaluate your needs to make sure you will be covered.

  • Although some short term health insurance policies are renewable for a certain period of time you should never buy short term health insurance as a long term health care solution.

  • Almost everyone is accepted onto a short term health insurance plan (approximately 90% of applicants are approved for a short term health insurance vs. the approximately 80% approval rate for regular individual health insurance plans.

 How To Obtain Cheap Short Term Health Insurance

While short term health insurance is cheaper than most policies by the very nature of what they cover, there are some things you can do to keep your costs additionally low.

  1. Shop around at different leading insurance companies to find the best price with the best coverage.  In fact, use our free tools at the top of this page to start your search today!

  1. Keep a resolution to stay healthy.  Especially with short term health insurance, a healthy lifestyle is critical.  There is actually an eligibility requirement based on height and weight for certain providers.

  1. Utilize generic brand prescription drugs and mail in prescription services to cut back on bills.  Although this doesn’t lower your monthly premium, it will minimize out of pocket expenses.

  1. Keep a higher deductible.  The higher the deductible, the lower your monthly or set-fee premium will be.

  2. Pay in a lump sum. This option is not offered by all insurance carriers but some will allow you to receive a discount by making a lump sum payment.

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