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Alabama Health Insurance

The good news is that 86.5% of the population in AL has Alabama health insurance, there is a low percentage of binge drinking, 80.6% of children have received all recommended inoculations, and 78% of women receive adequate pre-natal care.  The bad news is that the state of Alabama ranks number 45 out of 50 in healthiest states.  For anyone looking for affordable and comprehensive health insurance in Alabama, it means that your region may impact your options.

In fact, the state of Alabama ranked in the bottom ten states for number of primary care physicians, number of cardiovascular, cancer and premature deaths, infant mortality,  poor physical and mental health days, obesity, smoking and preventable hospitalizations.

This makes it all the more important for you to take a few moments and spend some time researching your Alabama health insurance options. Take a look at the information on this page, and then use the free health insurance quote tool above to save yourself some money and also make sure that your Alabama health insurance keeps you out of the above statistics.

How To Find The Best Alabama Health Insurance

  • Identify at least three Alabama health insurance companies to contact (use our free AL health insurance quote tool to let us help you with some of the research).

  • Consider the financial stability of the company, (this can be checked through A.M. Best) along with customer service, their reputation and how quickly they file claims.  You can get an abundance of information about insurance companies through the Better Business Bureau and Alabama Department of Insurance.

  • Review two or three health plans that each insurance company offers.  You want to make sure that you are getting the coverage that you want and need.  Consider the co-pays on prescription drugs, if there is behavior and mental health coverage, if you get your choice of providers. 

  • Ask the right questions: How can you save money on your AL Health insurance?  Is there a professional organization (such as a Chamber of Commerce) that you belong to that they offer a discount to?  What about choosing an Alabama Health Savings Account (ask your Alabama health insurance agent for details about HSA’s and other tax efficient ways to save money on Alabama health care)?

Alabama Health Insurance Plan (AHIP)

The Alabama Health Insurance Plan was created under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to help provide insurance to those residents who don’t have any other options.  Those eligible are those who have had no more than 63 days without health insurance since their health insurance policy terminated or expired and all other venues of health insurance have been used up (such as COBRA).  AHIP offers two plans.

  • Managed Health Care through United Healthcare of AL – You chose your primary care doctor to coordinate all of your health care needs like any other HMO.  Your cost of care never changes and your prescription benefits are only $10,000 a year.

  • Indemnity Plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield of AL – After your deductible is met, the insurance plan will pay 80% of usual customary costs of health care and prescription drugs.

Low Cost Or Free Alabama Health Insurance Plans

In addition to comparing Alabama health insurance quotes from multiple providers, increasing your plan deductible, and other money saving tips there are other affordable Alabama health insurance options that you may be eligible for. Take the time to see if you or your family may meet the eligibility criteria for any of these cheap Alabama health insurance options:

  • Alabama Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program – For women 65 and younger who have been diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer through a federally funded early detection program and do not have credible health insurance.

  • Alabama Child Caring Foundation – Set up by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama for children of families whose annual income is equal to or less than 235% of the federal poverty level.  The contributions that pay for this medical program come from businesses, individual donations, civic and religious organizations, and other various groups from inside the state and the funds are matched by Blue Cross Blue Shield.

  • Alabama Farmers Federation – This is a membership based organization that provides insurance to its members, aged 65 and under without insurance through their Alfa Health Plan.

  • ALL Kids Program – Children’s health insurance plan for children 19 and under whose families do not qualify for Medicaid but can not afford traditional health insurance.  Premium cost is determined by family size and income.

  • Health Coverage Tax Credit – HCTC is a federal tax credit that will pay up to 65% of your insurance premiums.

  • Medicaid – Medicaid is a Federally sponsored and State of Alabama administered program that offers healthcare assistance to those who are low income or who are disabled.

  • Public Education Employees Health Insurance Plan – Provides financial assistance to qualifying full or part time public education employees in the form of either a discounted health plan or discounted HMO premiums

  • State Employees Children’s Health Insurance Plan – Provides insurance for the children of Alabama state employees and retirees who are low income families and have no other insurance.

Alabama Health Insurance For The Self Employed

There are a number of different options in Alabama self employed health insurance plans for those who are willing to put in a little time and effort doing their homework. The general rule for finding the best self employed health insurance coverage in AL is that if you are fairly healthy then you will be best off choosing an Alabama individual health insurance plan because of the price.

Typically, an individual health insurance plan in AL will be about half the cost an Alabama small business health insurance plan with a similar amount of coverage. This is true because one has to go through the medical underwriting process to be approved for an individual plan while everyone that applies is accepted onto an Alabama group health insurance plan.

To find the cheapest Alabama health insurance then choose an individual health insurance plan. However, there are other considerations to keep in mind; namely, if you have employees or family members working for you that are not healthy (and would not be approved for coverage if they applied for an individual plan) then you may need to consider a group or association plan.

Alabama Health Insurance Companies

While no one insurance company is right for everyone, here is a list of some of the top health insurance providers in Alabama:

American Republic Health Insurance

Assurant Health

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama


Golden Rule

Health Spring of Alabama

Mutual of Omaha

United Healthcare

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