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Alaska Health Insurance

The way that Alaska health insurance is handled by the state is a reflection on how different the 49th state really is.  Alaska is the largest state but has the smallest population, and half that population lives in the same city (Anchorage). Use the information about state residents and the way their specifics affect health insurance to choose the best Alaskan health insurance provider for your needs.

Alaska Health Insurance And Its People

  • Alaska is listed as the 30th healthiest state to live in.

  • Alaska has the second highest per capita spending on public health care in the U.S.

  • Alaska has one of the lowest rates of cardiovascular related deaths (3rd  lowest in the country).

  • Alaska ranks number 9 in most number of cancer deaths.

  • Alaska has one of the highest numbers of occupational deaths.

  • Alaska is one of the worst states in prenatal care.

  • Alaska has one of the lowest immunization rates in children under 19.

  • Alaska has an abnormally high rate of alcoholism and related cases of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

  • Alaska has the highest number of aerial accidents because propeller planes are used as often as cars for transportation.

  • Alaska has the highest suicide rate in the U.S.  This is attributed to the day and night cycles that are unique to the state.

Despite a number of disturbing statistics on this list 83.1% of the AK population has health insurance, even though less than half of the employers offer Alaska group health insurance.  About 50% of the population lives under the poverty level and is eligible for Medicaid.  There are other ways that Alaska helps its citizens cover health care costs that are unique to the state.

Alaska Health Insurance: Chronic And Acute Medical Coverage

Chronic and Acute Medical Assistance (CAMA) program is an AK state sponsored program for people age 21 to 64 to use as a last resort.  It offers Anchorage health insurance coverage and health insurance coverage across other less populated areas of Alaska. It was set up for those who can not afford health coverage, lack third party resources to help cover medical treatment (veteran’s benefits, any type of medical insurance, if you can be covered on a family members policy, Medicaid, Medicare, monies from charitable organizations), have very limited income and one of the following medical conditions:

  • A Terminal Illness

  • Mental Illness

  • Cancer Requiring Chemotherapy

  • Seizure Disorders

  • Chronic Hypertension

  • Diabetes

Alaska Health Insurance: Alaska Comprehensive Health Insurance Association

The Alaska Comprehensive Health Insurance Association (ACHIA) is a non-profit organization set up by the government to help provide health insurance to those people who are denied health insurance because of medical conditions.  Those eligible for ACHIA are:

  • Residents of the state of Alaska.

  • Those who are not eligible for AK group health insurance through their employer.

  • Those not covered by federal plans such as Medicaid or Native Health Care and do not have veterans benefits.

  • Is not eligible for any other insurance plan and does not have health insurance coverage.

Those that meet the above criteria must be able to present a letter of rejection from at least one health insurance company dated with in the last six months or proof of a rider that remarkably lowers health insurance coverage and have one of 63 qualifying diseases.

Under federal regulations there are some instances where those covered by Medicare are also eligible for supplemental coverage under ACHIA.

Alaska Health Insurance Companies

Finding the best Alaska health insurance company is a process that will be different for everyone. Be sure and compare companies to find the one that will best meet your family's healthcare needs. Here is a list of some of the better known Alaska health insurance companies:

  • Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska (They provide almost 76% of all individual and group insurance plans in the state)

  • Principal Life Insurance Company (Provides insurance benefits for small companies)

  • Aetna

  • Golden Rule Insurance Company (Provides short term health insurance and health insurance to individual associations for those who are self employed)

  • Mega Life and Health Insurance (Provides only individual health insurance in Alaska)

  • United Healthcare

  • Trustmark Insurance Company

  • John Alden

  • Time Insurance Company

  • United of Omaha (Provided only through large businesses)

  • Connecticut Insurance Company (Provided only through large businesses)

  • Celtic Insurance Company

  • ODS Health Plan (Provides health care plans to small companies)

  • Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company (Provides only short term AK health insurance coverage)

Alaska COBRA Health Insurance

The COBRA health insurance laws are important health insurance laws to understand for those residents of Alaska who have a group health insurance plan. The AK COBRA health insurance laws are designed to provide group health insurance continuation coverage for all employees of companies that have 20 or more employees. COBRA continuation coverage kicks in when an employee has what is defined as a “qualifying event” such as getting fired or leaving the company. COBRA coverage lasts for a minimum of 18 months and is never permanent.

Alaska HIPAA Health Insurance

The HIPAA health insurance laws are another set of health insurance laws that are important for Alaskan residents to understand. An Alaska HIPAA individual health insurance plan is available on a guaranteed issue basis (with no exclusions for pre-existing conditions) to individuals that meet the 6 requirements for eligibility (speak with a representative from the Alaska Department of Insurance or a qualified Alaska health insurance agent to see if you may qualify for an AK HIPAA health insurance plan).

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