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Arkansas Health Insurance

Are you looking for Arkansas health insurance?  If you are we can help you get started.  First, let’s look at some AR health insurance and health care statistics that affect the cost of health care and insurance premiums in Arkansas. You can then use this data to determine what health insurance policy and company is right for your needs as an Arkansas resident.

Statistics On Arkansas Health Insurance And AR Healthcare

Arkansas is the 48th healthiest state.  That means that there are only two places less healthy to live than Arkansas (Louisiana and Mississippi).  Arkansas also has a very low per capita spending of $64.00 per person per year on health care and 26.6% of the population lives in poverty.   That is 747,692 people! 

What is really interesting about this is that 83.2% of the population has insurance.  If you do the math that is only a 9.8% overlap between those that have insurance and those that live in poverty.  That means that about 73,274 people are without insurance in the state. 

That’s not as bad as some states, but when you consider that Arkansas has a population of 2.8 million people (which is less than that of the Washington-Baltimore area) it’s not good, but it’s not bad.  After all approximately 70,000 of those people are children which probably accounts for the low immunization rates in the state.

Finding The Best Arkansas Health Insurance Plan

Only 40.8% of employers in the state of Arkansas provide health insurance coverage as a benefit.  That puts over half the population in the market of finding their own health insurance through other means.  So, where does one start looking?

  • If you recently lost your job, under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), your employer has to offer you up to 18 months of the same coverage that you received as a benefit from your job.  Granted, you will now most likely have to pay the full premium for you and your family out of pocket but if someone has a pre-existing condition you don’t want to experience a break in coverage.  An Arkansas COBRA health insurance plan will also cover you for up to 36 months if you recently graduated and are no longer eligible for coverage under your parents insurance plan or if you have been involved in a divorce, separation or loose your coverage because of the death of a spouse.

  • If you have recently lost your job because of the jobs moving over seas or because of increased imports the Trade Adjustment Assistance Reform Act may cover up to 65% of your heath insurance for up to one year, sometimes longer.  A similar program has been set up by the Federal Pension Benefits Guarantee Corporation for early retirees aged 55 or older that will 65% of health benefits until Medicare eligibility kicks in.

  • If you have a serious medical condition or disability that prevents you from getting coverage there are three programs that can help, Medicare, Medicaid and the Arkansas High Risk Pool.

  • If you can not afford health insurance there are a number of programs in Arkansas that can help such as ARKids.  ARKids A (Medicaid) provides comprehensive health insurance for children of low income families.  ARKids B is for those who are not eligible for Medicaid but have lost their insurance.  Small premiums and co-pays apply for ARKids B.

Arkansas Health Insurance High Risk Pool

The Arkansas Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool (CHIP) was set up as part of HIPPA to help federally eligible Arkansas residents obtain health insurance that would not otherwise be able to get it because of a pre-existing health condition and who have exhausted all other coverage such as COBRA.

Arkansas CHIP is provided through Blue Cross Blue Shield of AR and provides lifetime benefits of $1,000,000 and patients have a choice of four different deductibles, $1000, $1250, $5000 and $10,000.  The last three qualify as high deductible plans that are eligible for an additional Health Savings Account to help cover medical costs.

There are three ways that a person can enroll in the Arkansas Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool.

  1. Be federal eligible under HIPPA

  1. Be eligible under state guidelines.  This means being a resident of the state of Arkansas, having extinguished all other coverage options including those provided by charity, be able to provide proof of being turned down for insurance because of a pre-existing condition or refusal of an insurance company to insure at a rate of at least 50% greater than CHIP.  You must not be eligible for either ARKids or Medicaid, not be enrolled with any other coverage, have not terminated CHIP coverage within the last 12 months and have not previously received CHIP benefits totaling $1,000,000 or more.

  1. Be eligible under the Health Coverage Tax Credit.  These people will not have to meet any pre-existing condition waiting period.  Once again you must be a resident of the state of Arkansas, not enrolled in any other health insurance plan, be eligible for Medicaid or ARKids.  In addition you have to provide proof of HCTC and had three months previous coverage without a break of more than 63 days.

State Mandated Arkansas Health Insurance Coverage

The following list contains a number of benefits that Arkansas health insurance companies must cover under state law:

  • Mammograms, mastectomy and breast reconstruction

  • Children’s preventive health care

  • Off label drug use

  • Maternity and newborn coverage

  • In-Vitro fertilization

  • Mental disorders

  • TMJ

  • Hospice

  • Alcohol and drug dependency

  • Formula for PKU or other medical foods

  • Diabetic supplies and education

  • Dental anesthesia

  • Adopted children and handicapped dependants

  • Loss or impairment of speech or hearing

  • Out of network or area emergency services

  • Chiropractors

  • Audiologists and Speech and Language Pathologists

  • Optometrists

  • Podiatrists

  • Psychologists

  • Dentists

  • Outpatient surgery centers

Arkansas Individual Health Insurance

Many Arkansas residents, and especially those looking for a quality Arkansas self employed health insurance plan, enjoy the low cost of an AR individual health insurance plan. The reason that individual health insurance in Arkansas is so cheap is that not everyone that applies for an individual policy is approved for coverage. In order to be approved for coverage then one must pass through the medical underwriting. One must be somewhat healthy to be approved for coverage (unless one is eligible for a guaranteed issue Arkansas HIPPA health insurance plan that covers all pre-existing conditions).

Arkansas Group Health Insurance

While Arkansas group health insurance is more expensive than individual health insurance there are some benefits to having a group plan. The number one benefit is that everyone is approved for coverage on a group plan – even if one has major pre-existing conditions. Many small businesses and even larger companies in AR are trying to lower the costs of group health insurance plans by instituting Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s), Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA’s), Flexible Spending Plans, Cafeteria Plans, self insurance plans, and other cost cutting measures.

Arkansas Health Insurance Companies

Some Arkansas health insurance providers you might consider include:


Mercy Health Plans


Celtic Blue Cross Blue Shield of AR


Golden Rule (United Healthcare)

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