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Connecticut Health Insurance

If you are in the market for Connecticut health insurance but are unable to afford the premiums or are considered high risk to insure, and you have been turned down for health insurance there are several options in the state of Connecticut that can provide assistance. 

No one should have to go without health care, and the Connecticut Department of Insurance is trying to make sure that doesn’t happen. Read about options available in Connecticut before you make any final decisions on your CT health insurance policy.

The state of Connecticut is succeeding in its endeavor to keep its residents healthy by making it the 5th healthiest state to live in.  Connecticut ranks 6th in the nation of states that have the most people covered by health insurance, 3rd for the least number of obese citizens, and more than 86% of toddlers in the state of Connecticut have all of their immunizations. See what the proper health insurance can do?

Connecticut Health Insurance: Health Saving Accounts (HSA's)

A lot of individual health care plans in Connecticut are high deductible plans.  Not everyone can make do with a high deductible plan (even if they do have low premiums), so it may be beneficial to look into a health savings account if you have one of these plans.  A health savings account allows you to put away pre-tax dollars to help cover medical expenses such as doctor’s visits until your deductible is met, co-pays, and prescription drugs.

Connecticut Health Insurance High Risk Pool: Health Reinsurance Association of Connecticut

The Health Reinsurance Association of Connecticut is 1 of 30 high risk insurance pools for people with pre-existing conditions that have been turned down for health insurance due to those conditions.  It is a state created non-profit organization and they have put caps on premiums between 150% and 200% of a standard health insurance plan and are underwritten by United Healthcare.

The HRA offers four types of CT health plans.

  1. Individual Plans.  There are two different individual plans, the PPO and the Special Health Care Plan (SHCP).  Both plans have a cap of $1,000,000 in benefits for the patient’s lifetime, have a 12 month waiting period on all pre-existing conditions and will cover eligible dependants.   SHCP is reserved for low income individuals and families.  Proof of income is required to apply for SHCP.

  1. Conversion Plan.  This plan will cover pre-existing conditions immediately under the condition that you have qualifying health insurance for at least 12 months and your application is received within 120 days (4 months) of the end of your health insurance policy.  The options for a conversion plan are a PPO, HMO and SHCP.

  1. Portability Plan.  The portability plan is similar to the conversion plan and covers pre-existing conditions immediately and once again a PPO, HMO and SHCP option are available.  In order to get a portability plan there must have been at least 18 months of prior coverage, all other group insurance coverage has been exhausted (such as COBRA) and you have your application in the office with 120 days (4 months) after the voluntary termination of your health insurance plan or within 150 days of involuntary termination.

  1. TAA (Trade Adjustment Act) Plan.  TAA plans come in both individual and portability plans. Individuals that can enroll in the Individual PPO plan are those who have not had coverage for 150 days.  Pre-existing conditions are not covered for one year.  The TAA portability plans include the PPO, HMO and SHCP options and will cover pre-existing conditions immediately.  You are required to have had at least three months prior insurance, have your application in 120 (voluntary termination) or 150 (involuntary termination) days and must be eligible to receive the Federal Health Coverage Tax Credit.

Benicard – A Supplement To Connecticut Health Insurance

If you find yourself waiting for time to run out where your insurance company will cover a pre-existing condition, you might want to consider enrolling with Benicard to help cut those out of pocket costs.  The same discount card covers everyone in the family.

Benicard is a medical discount plan, it is not insurance.  Depending on the services you need you can save between 5% and 40% on doctors visits, up to 50% on prescriptions, 10% to 50% on dental costs, 20% to 60% on glasses or contacts and 20% to 40% on chiropractic services.

A medical discount program is also a way to help make the money in your Health Savings Account go further.

Connecticut Group Health Insurance

Small businesses in CT have a number of different things that they can consider when looking for a group health insurance benefits package. Many companies are using Health Savings Accounts, Health Reimbursement Arrangements, and Cafeteria Plans in their employee benefit package as a way to attract, reward, and retain top talent.

Connecticut Individual Health Insurance

Individual health insurance in Connecticut is typically very affordable. The only catch is that one must be healthy in order to pass through the medical underwriting process for an individual health insurance plan. If you are unable to obtain coverage due to pre-existing conditions then you may want to consider a Connecticut HIPAA health insurance plan (keep in mind that if you have been offered a CT COBRA health plan then you must first exhaust the COBRA coverage before you can become eligible for a HIPAA plan).

Connecticut Health Insurance For Uninsured Kids:  HUSKY (Healthcare for Uninsured Kids and Youth)

The goal of HUSKY is to insurance all children under the age of 19 have health insurance regardless of family income.  HUSKY Part A is the Medicaid program and HUSKY Part B is open to everyone and rates are based on family income.

Small premiums and co-pay maximums are determined by family income and range from nothing to $250 per child for those in the highest income brackets.  Those in lower income brackets will not have premiums and after $650 is put out in co-pays you are not required to pay further co-pays.  Higher income families will have a small premium and no limit on co-pays. Co-pays are small, $5.00 for most medical care, $3.00 for generic prescriptions and $6.00 for name brand. 

HUSKY is a complete comprehensive health insurance program offering the same benefits as any standard individual or group insurance plan including x-rays, dental, vision, emergency care, diagnostic procedures, in and out patient services, mental health coverage and coverage for substance abuse.

Insurance Companies With State Approved Individual Connecticut Health Insurance Policies

  • Aetna

  • American Republic Health Insurance (Also provides high deductible plans to use in conjunction with a health savings account)

  • Connecticare

  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (Rated one of the top insurance companies in Connecticut)

  • Celtic Insurance

  • Golden Rule Insurance

  • Time Insurance

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