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Florida Health Insurance

Choosing health insurance coverage in Florida is not something that has to be difficult.  You want to make sure that you get good insurance coverage that meets your health needs.  Florida health insurance should also be at a reasonable price for your income level.  You do not have to buy health insurance in FL that will cost you more than you can afford when you shop around.

Educate Yourself To Find Cheap Florida Health Insurance

In order to save money on FL health insurance you have to understand what companies use to set rates.  A lot of the influence on the rate you get is due to co-pays and deductibles.  Everything else being equal, the higher your plan deductible then the lower your monthly premium will be and a plan without a copay will be less expensive than a plan with a copay. You need to learn how to decide your coverage options and plan design, including co-pay and deductible amounts, in order to keep your FL health insurance affordable.

Florida Health Insurance And Co-Pays

Co-pays are the amount you have to pay out of pocket when you use your health insurance. Copays are typically used for Doctor office visits and prescriptions. Copays are not subject to the plan deductible requirements (Example: if you have a $30 copay for prescriptions then $30 is all that you will pay for prescriptions.)

Florida Health Insurance And Deductibles

A deductible is the amount of health care you must pay out of your pocket before your insurance will pay anything.  It may seem best to just choose a low deductible, but that is not always the best idea.

It is important to know that lower deductibles will cost you more in premiums.  You really have to look at your health care needs to decide what is best for you.

Consider that if you only go to the doctor twice a year that you will likely never reach your deductible.  That means you are paying a premium for insurance you won’t use. To save the most money in this instance you would be better off getting a lower deductible that you can reach so you can get the benefits from your insurance coverage.  

Comparing Co-Pays And Deductibles On Florida Health Insurance

You have a lot of decisions to make when it comes to the type of insurance policy you want to get.  You will need to think carefully about co-pays and deductibles and what choices make the most sense for you. 

Here are some things to consider:

  1. If you go with a high deductible to reduce monthly premiums will you even ever reach that deductible so you can enjoy the coverage you have been paying for?

  2. Would you save more money from a general discounted rate negotiated by the insurance company than from using co-pays?

  3. Do you visit the doctor often or have a generally high expense when it comes to health care?

Asking yourself these questions can help you to decide if co-pays are a good option and how high you should go with your deductible.  You will be able to better decide upon a policy when you consider every aspect.  Getting affordable FL health insurance is all about looking at options and making a decision about what works best for your health care needs and for your budget.

Top Florida Health Insurance Companies

Here are some of the top medical insurance companies in Florida:

  1. Golden Rule United Healthcare

  2. Humana

  3. Aetna

  4. Blue Cross Blue Shield of FL

  5. Avalon

  6. Assurant

  7. United American

Florida Individual Health Insurance Plans

Florida individual health insurance plans will typically cost about half of the cost of a FL group health insurance plan with the same level of coverage.

It is a common misconception in FL that group health is cheaper than individual health insurance.

The major difference between the two is that one must pass through medical underwriting in order to be approved for an individual health insurance plan (unless one is eligible for a guaranteed issue Florida HIPAA health insurance plan).

Florida Group Health Insurance Plans

Florida group health insurance plans have one major advantage over their individual counterparts: no one is rejected from coverage due to pre-existing conditions (prior health issues). Of course, if one is perfectly healthy then this more lenient underwriting doesn’t matter a whole lot and they are more attracted to the much cheaper Florida individual health insurance plans.

Florida Self Employed Health Insurance

Many small businesses and sole proprietors in the state of FL who are looking for the best self employed health insurance plan in Florida end up choosing an individual health plan because of the low cost.

However, if you are self employed and need health insurance in FL yet you have major health issues which will prevent you from obtaining coverage with a regular individual health insurance plan then the Florida Department of Financial Services has a plan that is designed especially for people in your situation.

Every August, there is an open enrollment period for a guaranteed issue Florida “group of one” health insurance plan. The premiums are quite expensive but if one has major health issues and owns a business then it can be a lifesaver because it is issued on a guaranteed issue basis.

If you are self employed and find yourself needing to find other health insurance options besides the FL group of one plan then be sure and speak with a licensed Florida health insurance agent about a guaranteed issue individual plan called a FL HIPAA health insurance plan. Also, be sure and ask your agent about the specifics of the Florida COBRA health insurance laws.

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You have to shop around when you are looking for Florida health insurance quotes so that you can get the best value.  You will want to not only look at different companies, but also look at different policies that each company offers.

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