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Hawaii Health Insurance

Obtaining Hawaii health insurance is pretty simple for employed residents.  Since the mid 1970’s Hawaii has required all employers to provide health insurance for any employees that work over 20 hours per week. (If they are covered by some other means, like their spouse’s policy or a government policy, exceptions are made.)

Does that mean that employer based health insurance is the best option for all Hawaii’s residents?

What about those who don’t work 20 hours or more? Read on to learn the facts about HI health insurance and what is best for you.

Hawaii’s Major Health Insurance Carriers

Even though Hawaii is off the mainland, its residents have access to a long list of major carriers like the carriers who service territorial regions in the Unites States.  Hawaii’s major carriers are:

  • Kaiser Permanente

  • Humana

  • Cigna

  • Guardian

  • Golden Rule

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Hawaii

  • PacifiCare

  • Humana

  • Hawaii Medical Services Association (HMSA)

  • United Healthcare

These are names we recognize and the list goes on.  Hawaii seems to have even more major carriers than individual mainland states.   So there is bound to be some type of plan whether private or subsidized for almost anyone who needs healthcare in the state of Hawaii. Choosing one is a personal decision based on your current needs and financial ability.

Hawaii Health Insurance Plans

Hawaiian employers must pay at least 50% of their employees’ premiums for group plans.  The plans are as numerous as the carriers that offer them; however, the carriers must be licensed to sell insurance by the state of Hawaii and regulated by the laws mandated by Hawaii’s Insurance Division.  Your basic plans are:

  • HMO – Health Maintenance Organizations – Deductibles, co-pays, and premiums. Agreement between network of providers and insurance companies. Out of network services are not covered.

  • PPO – Preferred Provider Organizations – Deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance. Out of network services are covered.

  • POS – Point of Service – combination of HMO’s and PPO’s with the benefit of choice.

  • Fee-for-Service – Traditional plan where subscriber deductible and pays for medical services at the time of service.

Unless you have 1 or more employees (besides yourself) you can not qualify as a group for Hawaii health insurance; however, you can deduct 100% of your premiums from your tax returns as a self employed individual.

Hawaii Health Insurance Plans For The Uninsured

For those Hawaiians who do not have health insurance, there are Hawaii health insurance plans for the uninsured.  In addition to Medicaid, these are government subsidized by the state of Hawaii. These are income based programs that service working families.  If HI health insurance is too expensive on the private market, but you do not qualify for Medicaid Fee-for-service, these programs are for you and your family. 

  • Kids – Hawaii Quest

  • Pregnant women – Hawaii Quest

  • Individuals – Hawaii MedQUEST

Unfortunately, the Hawaii Quest program can only accommodate 126,000 people.  Hawaii is a proponent of preventive wellness.  Hawaii Quest even offers a program for Breast and Cervical Cancer control. The limited numbers continue to be a concern and are one of the reasons that many Hawaiians go in search of individual health care policies.

Hawaii Health Insurance Plans For People With Pre-Existing Conditions

Neither Hawaii health insurance companies, nor employers can impose exclusion time tables to your plan when you join a group or when your individual plan becomes effective.  Your coverage starts for all medical needs, including preexisting conditions, on day one of your policy. 

Hawaii Health Insurance Versus Mainland Plans

The high risk pool does not just include the employees of one workplace but of the whole state. So the worse off a members health, the more they benefit from the policy. For this reason, it makes sense for healthier residents to look into individual policies which can be as much as a third of the cost of a group plan.

Hawaii has already addressed the global commerce issue by offering the Federal Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC).  This credit is for those who lose their jobs, early retirees, workers whose hours have been reduced due to more imports. 

Hawaii Individual Health Insurance

The good thing about Hawaii individual health insurance plans is that they are typically quite cheap compared to a group plan. Of course if you go the individual route then unless your employer offers a medical reimbursement plan then you will be paying the full cost of the premiums yourself.

Hawaii HIPAA Health Insurance

The Hawaii HIPAA health insurance laws dictate that individuals that meet certain criteria will be eligible for a guaranteed issue individual health insurance plan that covers all pre-existing conditions from day one. Speak with your Hawaii health insurance agent of the Hawaii Department of Insurance for more details about HIPAA eligibility requirements.

Hawaii COBRA Health Insurance

Hawaii COBRA health insurance plans are plans that extend ones group health coverage for a temporary amount of time after one leaves their job, gets fired, loses their dependent status, gets divorce, or goes through any other health benefits “qualifying event”.

Hawaii Self Employed Medical Insurance

There are quite a few self employed health insurance options for residents of Hawaii. Many small business owners opt for the cheapest Hawaii health insurance option which is an individual plan. However, while health insurance premiums are typically 100% tax deductible there are quite a few different things that one can do to be even more tax efficient such as setting up a medical reimbursement plan, setting up a cafeteria plan, or event starting a Health Savings Account (HSA).

  How To Get A Hawaii Health Insurance Quote

It is easy to obtain an online Hawaii health insurance quote.  Most online agents will ask several qualifying questions to determine you quote.  You can receive an instant online quote until your policy has been unwritten, at which time your rate may change slightly. 

Groups can detail their plans with the help of a broker.  It may mean less commission for the broker, but it could mean lower premiums for your employees.  Detailing a plan means researching and understanding options to establish a less comprehensive plan. 

To get an idea what your premiums could be, click on the quote tool at the top of the page to get Hawaii health insurance quotes from several insurers right now. Find HI health insurance today!