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Idaho Health Insurance

In Idaho, health insurance is a very important type of protection to have, even though the state ranks among the top 15 for healthy living. Surprisingly, there is a relatively low rate of per capita health spending and access to doctors in Idaho.

A good Idaho health insurance plan can rectify these issues for you and your family, and make healthcare one less worry. There are a variety of Idaho health insurance plans to fit every need and every budget.

Check out how health insurance options in Idaho can protect you and your family today, both financially and health wise.

Idaho Health Insurance: What It Covers

Health insurance in Idaho covers a wide variety of things. Some of the things that are commonly covered are:


  1. Physician visits

  2. Wellness visits

  3. Hospitalizations

  4. Surgery

  5. Prescription medication

  6. Certain types of therapy

  7. Injuries

  8. Diagnostic testing

  9. Certain types of medical equipment and much more

  10. Preventative care (physicals, mammagrams, pap smears, prostate exams, colonoscopies)

Idaho Health Insurance Options

If you looking for Idaho health insurance, there are a number of places to check, depending on a variety of factors.

  1. Idaho group health insurance is available through many employers who choose to offer this benefit to their employees. It may be fully, partially or not-at-all funded by the employer.

  2. Group health insurance may also be available through other groups and associations that you belong to (such as a Chamber of Commerce).

  3. ID individual health insurance is available for people to buy who do not have group options. Very healthy individuals may also find better premiums through ID individual insurance than through group coverage.

  4. Medicaid is available to low-income families and individuals if they are eligible.

  5. COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) is for people who are no longer eligible for employer-sponsored group health insurance. It allows them to extend their coverage for 18-36 months and gives them time to find an alternative without a lapse in coverage.

  6. Idaho HIPAA health insurance plans are individual plans that are issued on a guaranteed issue basis (everyone is approved) and covers all pre-existing conditions.

  7. Children’s Access Card, while not coverage, is a plan to help eligible families be able to afford premiums for their children’s health insurance.

Idaho Health Insurance For High-Risk Individuals

Idaho is one of the states that offers a high risk reinsurance pool, which will provide health insurance to those who want it and cannot find it through the normal channels.

If you have a pre-existing health condition, whether it is a chronic condition like diabetes or something more acute like cancer, you are considered high risk. There are many other factors like weight, overall health and family history that can make getting health insurance a difficult proposition.

The high-risk insurance pool can give you the coverage you want, but the premiums will be higher than through traditional methods. The plans offered through the high-risk pool are varied, with different coverage, limits and exclusions. One thing to keep in mind is if you have a pre-existing condition, any claims arising from it make be excluded from coverage for up to one year.

Idaho Health Insurance Companies

There are a select number of health insurance companies covering the state of Idaho. A listing of some of them follows.

  1. Mega Life and Health Insurance

  2. Blue Cross of Idaho

  3. Blue Shield of Idaho

  4. Primary Health Network

  5. Aetna Life Insurance

  6. United Healthcare

  7. Regence Blue Shield of Idaho

  8. Time Insurance Company

  9. PacificSource Health Plans

  10. John Alden Life Insurance Company

If ever you have any questions or complaints about your insurance company or Idaho health insurance agent then be sure and contact the Idaho Department of Insurance to get more information on what recourse you may have.

Idaho Health Insurance Tips

By shopping around, you will have a better chance of finding good health coverage to fit your needs and your budget. Do not go with the first company you get a quote from. It is important to compare and contrast coverage, plans, limits and premiums.

When you have selected a company, check it out a little further. Research the claims speed and the financial stability of any insurer you are planning to do business with, in order to adequately protect your health insurance investment.

Idaho Health Insurance Quotes

You can quickly and easily get several Idaho health insurance quotes by using the quote tool at the top of this page. Return to the tool box, input your zip code and answer a few questions and you will get multiple quotes from multiple insurance companies before you know it.

Free online quote tools are the most efficient and effective way to do the comparison shopping you need to do in the least amount of time.

Get your Idaho health insurance quote comparison today!