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Indiana Health Insurance

In Indiana, health insurance is very important, as the state is not even amongst the 25 healthiest states to live in. Obesity, smoking and death from cancer rates are higher than average in Indiana.

A comprehensive Indiana health insurance plan can help to keep you healthy and protect you from the serious financial problems that can arise if you need major healthcare.

Find out today what Indiana health insurance can do for you.

Indiana Health Insurance: Making The Right Choice

In Indiana health insurance can be obtained through group coverage or individual coverage. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. For certain individuals there is a clear difference in choosing one over the other.

Group Coverage: This type of insurance is usually obtained through your employer, however you may be able to obtain it through other groups and associations you belong to. It is an easy option to go with, when it is available to you, because someone else has done the shopping around and made all the choices for you. Payments for premiums are usually taken directly from your paycheck, the ultimate in convenience and these may even be subsidized by your employer.

There are no underwriting requirements to become a member, therefore if you have less than perfect health, it is the right choice for you. It may be the only choice for some people, because quite often the underwriting for individual plans will exclude certain people from coverage or make it prohibitively expensive. The disadvantage of group coverage is that you do not get to choose the type of coverage or limits you want.

Individual Coverage: This type of coverage is for any individual or family looking for health insurance coverage. It may be because you do not have access to group insurance; choose not to have group insurance; are between jobs or have retired early. Individual insurance is the ultimate in choice. You can evaluate exactly what you need and find a package that perfectly fits your needs and your budget.

For healthy people with no pre-existing conditions, individual health insurance may be the best option. It is less expensive than group coverage for those who meet the underwriting guidelines. That is because you are not supplementing the coverage of other people who are less healthy, like with group coverage.

Note: Some residents of Indiana may qualify for an individual plan that is guaranteed issue and covers all pre-existing conditions. This type of plan is called an Indiana HIPAA health insurance plan. For more detail on the requirements for HIPAA eligibility in the state of Indiana be sure and use our quote tool to get information from a qualified Indiana health insurance agent.

Indiana Health Insurance: State Provided Options

The state of Indiana provides different types of plans to help protect their residents with good health insurance.

  1. Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP): This plan is to help people who earn too much to qualify for Medicaid, are too young for Medicare, do not have group health insurance through an employer and cannot afford individual health insurance. Family income must be below pre-set levels and premiums will be based on income.

  2. Healthy Indiana Plan Enhanced Services Plan (HIP ESP): This plan is to cover the extra things that are needed when people face debilitating illnesses such as certain cancers, AIDS, hemophilia, organ transplants, and aplastic anemia.

  3. Indiana Comprehensive Health Insurance Association (ICHIA): This is the plan to cover people who are considered high-risk for insurance, but are ineligible for Medicaid and other government plans. If you have been denied coverage because of your health, pre-existing conditions, family history or anything else, this is the option for you, but be warned the premiums will be higher than those in the regular market.

Indiana Health Insurance Companies

There are a variety of health insurance companies doing business in the state of Indiana. They offer a variety of different types of plans including HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations), PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations), POS (Point of Service) and Fee-for-Service. Before making a decision about the company you plan to use for your needs, be sure to investigate their financial stability, claims, turn-around time, complaints about them and whether they are licensed to offer coverage in Indiana.

Amongst the companies offering health insurance coverage to Indiana residents are:

  1. Celtic

  2. Aetna

  3. Fortis

  4. Golden Rule


  6. Humana One

  7. Anthem

  8. United Healthcare

Indiana Health Insurance Quotes

You can quickly and easily get a variety of Indiana health insurance quotes to compare by using a quote tool like the one found at the top of this page.

Just input your zip code, answer a few questions and in no time, you’ll be on your way to custom quotes on Indiana health insurance from top insurance companies.

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