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Kansas Health Insurance

Many types of Kansas heath insurance are available to consumers. It's a good idea to consider all of your options before buying health insurance in Kansas. Coverage, types and rate offerings can differ greatly.  If you are well informed then you will be able to make a decision about the right kind of health insurance for you and your family in KS.

Kansas Health Insurance: Coverage Options Available

Kansas residents have the following options for health insurance coverage:

  1. Buy Private Health Insurance from an Insurance Company

  2. Apply for Coverage Through an Income-Eligible Program

  3. The Kansas Health Insurance Association 's Plan for People Who Are Unable to Get Private Insurance Coverage

Kansas Health Insurance: Private Insurance Coverage

You can apply for KS health insurance coverage from any of the companies that offer coverage in your state. It pays to compare plans before you commit to buying once, since consumers are not guaranteed the ability to switch between insurance policies. Spending a little time to make sure you have chosen a policy that provides the coverage you want at an affordable price means that you won't have regrets about your decision later.

Kansas Health Insurance: Income-Based Programs

Residents of Kansas who are unable to afford to buy private health insurance coverage may qualify for one of the income-based programs available in this State: Medicaid or HealthWave.

Medicaid offers insurance benefits to the following individuals:

  1. Disabled Individuals

  2. Families

  3. Children

  4. Pregnant Women

  5. People Who Are Medically Needy (The cost of medical expenses will be deducted from the individual's income. Taking this step may mean the person is able to qualify for Medicaid.)

Your application for Medicaid coverage will be evaluated based on these factors:

  1. Income Level

  2. Assets

  3. Expenses

HealthWave provides insurance coverage to children under the age of 19. Qualified youngsters receive the following benefits under the program:

  1. Coverage for Checkups, Doctor Visits, and Immunizations

  2. Hospital Stays

  3. Laboratory Tests and X-rays

  4. Eye Exams and Glasses

  5. Occupational Therapy

  6. Physiotherapy

  7. Dental Care (Checkups, X-rays, Cleanings, and Fillings)

  8. Mental Health Services (Including Inpatient and Outpatient Services)

Kansas Health Insurance Association High Risk Pool

The Kansas Health Insurance Association (KHIA) program provides coverage for people who are unable get coverage because of health issues. To qualify, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. A Resident of Kansas for a Minimum of Six Months/Meet Eligibility Requirements Set by the Federal Government

  2. 65 Years of Age or Younger

  3. Turned Down by Two Insurance Companies/Offered Insurance That Excludes Pre-existing Conditions/Offered Insurance That is More Expensive than the KHIA Plan

KHIA insurance is available to individuals and families. Deductibles range from $500-$7,500 per year. All plans have a lifetime limit of $1 Million per insured individual.

KHIA subscribers are covered for the following types of medical expenses:

  1. Hospital Stays (Semi-private Room)

  2. Maternity Care in Hospital

  3. Emergency Care for Injuries

  4. Surgery

  5. Medical Tests

  6. Preventive Care (includes immunizations for children, Pap tests, prostate exams)

  7. Speech Therapy

  8. Occupational Therapy

  9. Physiotherapy

  10. Nursing Care in a Facility

  11. Prescription Medications

  12. Ambulance

KHIA And Policy Limitations

The KHIA policy does have limitations for pre-existing conditions. Any medical expenses incurred in the first 90 days following the policy issue date. Under the terms of the policy, a pre-existing condition is one the insured individual sought the advice of a physician, sought care, or underwent treatment for in the six months before the KHIA policy was issued.

Other Factors To Consider Before Choosing KHIA Coverage

KHIA coverage does provide a good level of benefits for subscribers, but you need to consider the following before deciding to apply for health insurance through KHIA:

  1. If you are considering KHIA because of policy limitations due to a pre-existing condition, compare the level of coverage you have under your insurance plan and the premiums with the cost and coverage options available under KHIA. You may be getting a better deal for your health insurance with your existing plan.

  2. Unless this provision is waived, you are not entitled to benefits for a pre-existing condition for the first three months after the policy comes into force.

  3. KHIA coverage is only available as long as you and your family members are living in Kansas.

Kansas Individual Health Insurance Plans

A Kansas individual health insurance plan will typically be the best choice for someone that is healthy. Individual plans are much cheaper than group plan in KS but in order to be approved for individual coverage one must pass through medical underwriting. If one is unable to get group coverage and is denied for individual coverage due to pre-existing health conditions then if certain criteria are met one may be eligible for a Kansas HIPAA health insurance plan.

Kansas Group Health Insurance Plans

While a Kansas group health insurance plan is much more expensive than an individual plan with similar benefits; there are some key advantages to having a group plan. The biggest advantage to having a group plan is that everyone is accepted for coverage – even those with major health issues. The second big advantage is that typically employers that offer group coverage in Kansas will pay at least 50% of their employee’s monthly premiums.

Kansas Health Insurance Companies

No matter which KS medical insurance company you choose be sure and do a little research before you buy a policy. Check out the insurance company’s A.M. Best rating, their number of complaints at the Kansas Insurance Department, and make sure that they do not have any unfair limitations in their policy.

Here are some of the most well known insurance companies offering health insurance coverage in Kansas:




American Medical Security

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City


Coventry Health Care of Kansas Inc.


Golden Rule


United Healthcare

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