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Michigan Health Insurance

Just over 10% of the population of the state of MI is without Michigan health insurance.  Ironically, Michigan is proud of its low rate, per capita, of uninsured people.  10% is a very low percentage when compared to many other states, but when your state has a population of over 10,000,000 people that is over 1 million people without health insurance! If you or your family is without health insurance in Michigan (or simply want to find a cheaper Michigan health insurance plan), it’s well worth your time to understand the options available for your protection.

What Michigan can be proud of is its decrease in number of infectious diseases in the past ten years, and that almost 81% of pregnant women have access to adequate prenatal care.  However, the state also has a high rate of binge drinking, 30% of the population being considered obese (and the number is climbing), a high number of cardiovascular deaths each year, a high crime rate and a rise in the number of children living in poverty.

So what can you do to get the Michigan health insurance coverage your family needs?

The Options For Michigan Health Insurance

The state of Michigan has a number of choices that are available as far as health insurance.  There are enough options that there is something that is going to be right for everyone.

  • Major Medical – This is complete comprehensive health care and includes the PPO, POS and fee for service plans.

  • Managed Care – The HMO option through Health Alliance Plan, the number one HMO in the state of Michigan.  HAP was modeled after Kaiser by the Ford Motor Company in the 1970s.

  • Alternative Finance and Delivery System – this is a limited service medical plan

  • Hospital/Surgical Insurance – Only pays for hospital stay or surgical needs

  • Short Term Health Insurance – typically available for 1 month to 36 months depending on the insurer.

  • Catastrophic Health Insurance – Most of the time will only pay after a $2,500 deductible is met.  However, it will protect you against financial ruin in the event that the event of a life threatening accident or illness.

  • High deductible plans that are sold in conjunction with Health Savings Accounts.

Michigan Health Insurance For Those That Can’t Afford Health Insurance

There are several options for those that can not afford health insurance in the state of Michigan.

  • Maternal and Infant Health Program – This is a special preventive service to keep infants healthy and is only available through certain qualified health plans.

  • MiChild – For the uninsured children of working families in Michigan as well as pregnant women.  The cost is $10.00 per family per month with no co-pays and no deductibles.  MiChild covers regular checkups, immunizations, emergency room care, dental care, pharmacy needs, hospitalization, prenatal care and delivery, vision, hearing, mental health and substance abuse. For more information on the MiChild program then speak visit the Michigan Department of Community Health or speak with an experienced Michigan health insurance agent.

  • Medicaid - This is a State of Michigan administered and Federally funded program for those with a low income.

Michigan Health Insurance Legislation

There are some interesting things going on in the state senate in regards to health insurance regulation in the state of Michigan.  Blue Cross Blue Shield is at odds with the legislature over creating a high risk pool for those residents that can not obtain health insurance. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield wants to provide a high risk pool where they absorb most of the cost, like they provide in many other states, so those that can’t get health insurance have an affordable option.  The state legislature doesn’t think that it’s necessary and want to do a study to see if such a high risk pool is even feasible. 

The argument is that this gives Blue Cross Blue Shield an unfair advantage in the state.  However, it looks as if Blue Cross Blue Shield will get their way which will create Michigan’s first high risk pool for the uninsured.

Other current legislation is going to provide for the shortening of the time that people have to wait before insurance companies will cover pre-existing conditions and will allow for faster approval when insurance companies submit the required paperwork to raise insurance rates.

Michigan HIPAA Health Insurance

A Michigan HIPAA health insurance plan is an individual plan that is issued on a guaranteed issue basis and has not pre-existing condition exclusions in the policy. This is contrasted to most Michigan individual health insurance plans where in order to be accepted on the plan one must meet certain medical underwriting standards.

Michigan COBRA Health Insurance

A Michigan COBRA health insurance plan is a temporary group health continuation plan that is offered to employees and family members of covered employees when they go through a qualifying event that causes them to lose MI group health coverage.

Michigan Health Insurance Companies

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Priority Health




American Medical Security

Golden Rule

Fairmont Specialty Group

Security Life

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