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Minnesota Health Insurance

In recent times something has happened in the state of Minnesota and it has been reflected in the number of people with Minnesota health insurance.  In recent times, the number of people with health insurance in the state of Minnesota has dropped by 16%, and the number of children who live in poverty have increased by 11%. That’s why your search for appropriate health insurance in Minnesota is so crucial.

The scary facts on the impact of Minnesota health insurance don’t end there. In the last 10 years obesity has increased by 142%! With close to one fourth of the population classified as obese and limited access to adequate prenatal care, Minnesota is still the second healthiest state in the United States to live in. The bottom line seems to be that health care that offers preventative and sick care benefits truly impacts quality of life.

Read through this article to learn all you can about finding health insurance in Minnesota and then use our free Minnesota health insurance quote comparison finder at the top of the page to save yourself some time and money in your MN health insurance search!

Non-Traditional Minnesota Health Insurance Options

Minnesota has many health insurance options available outside of the normal programs for those that can’t afford health insurance. Many of them are county specific and income based.  The following list is not a complete list of free and reduced cost programs offered. It is just a small list of options available based on where you may live.

  • Assured access – Discount medical plan available to eligible Hennepin county residents

  • Children’s Defense Fund – Provides a low and no cost health care directory.

  • Mid-Minnesota Family Practice – This practice offers services to anyone based on a sliding fee scale based on income.  Proof of income is required.

  • Portico Health – Offers very basic health care (hospital, dental and emergency room are not covered) for either $25 or $50 a month based on income.

  • Medicare – Provides health benefits for those over the age of 65.

  • Duluth-Lutheran Social Services – Help is provided on an emergency basis only.

  • Migrant Health Service – Provides health care during the summer by seven health centers and two mobile units to farm workers.

  • Refugee Health Program through the Minnesota Department of Health – provides limited social services, care for sexually assaulted and battered women as well as a directory of medical resources by county.

  • Neighborhood Health Care Network – Network of clinics in the Twin City area.  Many of the participating clinics offer sliding fee scales based on income.

Other MN health insurance options:

  • Medical assistance (Medicaid) – Federal and state subsidized insurance for very low income families.

  • General Assistance Medical Care – Funded by state funds for those who are not eligible for other insurance programs.

  • Hospitalization only health insurance – Offers lower premiums costs than plans with pricey extras like prescription coverage and doctor visit copays.

  • MinnesotaCare – Insurance for working Minnesotans who can not afford insurance.  Premiums are based on income.  There are no co-pays for pregnant women or children.

Minnesota High Risk Health Insurance

The Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association provides two insurance for two groups of people.  The first group is those who have no other options.  If you have exhausted all coverage under COBRA, if you are HIPAA or TAA eligible or have met your life time maximum on your policy then you are eligible for coverage under the program set out by the Comprehensive Health Association. 

MCHA also provides a safety net for a small group of people including spouses and dependants of employees whose employers don’t offer dependant coverage, those who have had a change in self insured or union plans, those laid off or who have otherwise lost their job by self insured employers who don’t offer conversion policies and former employees of bankrupt companies.  $500, $1,000, $2,000, $5,000 and $10,000 deductible plans are available.

The other is the Minnesota Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool for those who are high risk to insure because of pre-existing conditions and who have been turned down for insurance from independent insurance companies.

Minnesota Health Insurance: Mandated Benefits And The Flexible Benefits Health Insurance Law

Currently Minnesota law mandates that between 27 and 33 (depending on how the list is organized) health care services are covered by insurance including maternity care, emergency care, breast reconstructive surgery after removal due to cancer, cancer screening, preventative well-baby care, diabetes paraphernalia, mental health care and coverage of special foods needed by PKU patients.

The Flexible Benefits Health Insurance Law applies to small businesses with less than 50 employees.  They do not have to provide insurance coverage for all 33 health care services mandated by law.   They are allowed to pick which benefits from the list they want to incorporate in their policies.  Due to this fact, those who have benefits through small employers may want to consider a Health Savings Account or supplemental health insurance.

Minnesota Health Insurance Companies

Here is a listing of some of the most well known MN medical insurance companies:


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota


Medica of Minnesota


United Healthcare

Ready To Start Looking For Minnesota Health Insurance?

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