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Missouri Health Insurance

Missouri health insurance group plans are mostly available through employers.  An employer analyzes plan choices, perhaps with employee input, and chooses a carrier that offers plan options to the group as a whole, and yet offers competitive rates.  However, many residents of Missouri prefer to get individual health insurance for cost savings, choice, or because they don’t have an employer that offers a plan. Keep reading to learn how to determine which type of Missouri health insurance meets your needs.

Missouri Group Health Insurance Plans

A thorough employer will omit unnecessary options and detail his or her choice to meet the company’s needs.  The managed care plan is least expensive most of us recognize them as:

  • HMO – Health Maintenance Organization – Agreement between provider and insurance company (network) – Premiums, co-pays, and deductibles

  • PPO – Preferred Provider Organization – Provider Network – Premiums, co-insurance and deductibles

  • POS – Point-of-Service – Coverage paid in advance; use members within network with no co-pays or deductibles

  • Traditional Fee-for-service – Fees paid at the time of service usually with reimbursement availability on qualified charges

  • HSA – Health Savings Account – Usually to accommodate high deductible plans, and major medical.

If you have a high risk condition like cancer or diabetes, then it is good if you are connected to a Missouri health insurance group plan as you can not be denied coverage or have exclusions imposed as a result of your condition.  Individuals on the other hand have a little more to consider

Missouri Individual Health Insurance Plans

Although usually less expensive, it is not always as easy to obtain a Missouri health insurance individual plan.  Individuals can be turned down for pre-existing conditions or be charged higher premiums as a result of the condition. 

If you are a student who was on a parent’s plan, or HIPAA eligible then the task of obtaining Missouri health insurance is not as challenging. Individuals can obtain a short term policy in the following cases:

  • College student or recent graduate

  • Employee between jobs (HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act eligible)

  • International Travelers

Other uninsured individuals may want to check to see if they qualify for a federal plan for their Missouri health insurance plan, or purchase a discount plan. 

Missouri Health Insurance Plans Through MO HealthNet

MO HealthNet is a Missouri health insurance plan for low income individuals and families sponsored by the State of Missouri.  Most people of Missouri recognize it as the Division of Medical Services.  This entity purchases and monitors the health care received by its recipients.  MO HealthNet is income based and has plans for:

  • Pregnant Women

  • Nursing Home Health

  • Disabled Individuals

  • Children

These plans are state funded and available to all who qualify.  Qualified prescription drugs are available on this plan.  MO HealthNet for kids has an SCHIP version and a non-SCHIP version.  Both are based on income except the non- SCHIP version has more relaxed income guidelines.

Missouri Children’s Health Insurance Plans

MC+ is the Missouri health insurance plan for children of low income families.  This program is also funded by the state as a Medicaid type program.  There are families who qualify in higher income brackets.  Children must have been without insurance for 6 months to qualify in families with higher income brackets. 

The MC+ program is a comprehensive plan for kids to include dental.  If transportation is unavailable, the MC+ program will provide resources for transportation.  To promote healthy development the MC+ program offers wellness benefits as part of their Missouri Insurance plan for children.

Missouri Health Insurance Pool

Missouri Health Insurance Pool (MHIP) is available to those with pre-existing conditions and who can not obtain health insurance through any other means.  As long as the pre-existing condition is not self inflicted or drug abuse related.  MHIP is not insurance, but a non-profit program.  This program is a collaboration of the State of Missouri and insurance companies.  

Missouri Health Insurance Companies

Some of the best medical insurance carriers in Missouri include:


American Medical Security Group

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri


Clarendon National

Fortis / Assurant

Golden Rule / United Healthcare

Humana One

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Where to find a Missouri health insurance quote is the least of your worries.  A quote can be obtained online with answers to a few general questions, or by phone.  It is also possible to write to an agent or insurance company for a quote, although this takes a lot longer. 

If you decide to obtain a quote as per an advertisement, make sure they are licensed to do business in Missouri.  To speed up the process, just click on the quote tool at the top of this page to compare MO health insurance quotes from top insurance companies within minutes. 

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