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Montana Health Insurance

In Montana, health insurance coverage is offered through a variety of plans. In order to determine which type of policy best suits your needs for health insurance coverage, Montana residents need to be aware of their options. Take a minute to understand how Montana health insurance works, before committing to one company for this essential coverage.

Montana Health Insurance Plans

Very much like the plans offered by the major carriers across the rest of the country, Montana health insurance plans offer the basics. Some of the top Montana medical insurance companies offering health insurance plans in MT include:


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana


Golden Rule


Kaiser Permanente


Summa Care

These are just some of the companies who offer Montana health insurance plans.  Those basic plans as mentioned include HMO, which offer network providers with primary care physician. There are also PPOs or Preferred Provider Organizations that offer the choice of using providers out of the network. This means more choice. Then you have Point of Service options that are somewhere in the middle for both choice and cost. :

On the other end of the spectrum you have traditional fee for service or indemnity plans, which require payment at time, have service, have no co-pays, and often require that you submit your own paperwork for reimbursement.

Lesser known options include HSA’s and EPO’s. An HSA or Health Savings Account allows you to set aside pretax money for your medical expenses. EPO’s or Exclusive Provider Organizations are available to Montana residents as well. They work very much like HMO’s and PPO’s. There is no one right plan, as the best option depends on individual circumstances.

Before you make a decision about any one insurer be sure and do some research on their record at the Montana Department of Insurance.

Montana Health Insurance For Groups

Montana health insurance for groups will be a benefit to those with pre-existing conditions as no one can be turned down because of health conditions with a group policy.  If there is a lapse in coverage before obtaining group coverage there may be a waiting period of up to 12 months. 

Groups have the most options for comprehensive health care.  A savvy employer will closely examine their options for group health care and only purchase plans that closely meet the needs of the employees as a group and omit unnecessary options.  This may mean lessening the broker or agents’ commission, but any indication of tension lets you know you are onto a good rate for your employees.

Montana Health Insurance For Individuals

Individuals with unique situations may qualify for special Montana health insurance policies.  More and more large carriers like Blue Cross and Blue Shield are offering individual plans like:

  • Short term plans

  • Student plans

  • Self Employment plan

Self-employed individuals with no employees are good candidates for comprehensive plans offered by a large carrier since 100% of the premium is tax deductible.  Individuals must be currently (HIPAA) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act eligible to purchase a guaranteed policy. 

If the individual is not HIPAA eligible and they have lost their job because of imports then the TAA or the Trade Adjustment Act will offer tax credits to those individuals.  Low-income individuals should try applying for Montana health insurance for individuals through Medicaid.

Montana Health Insurance For Contractors

There was a time when Montana health insurance for contractors was unavailable.  Now Montana Health Trust Insurance Plan (MHTIP) is available as a non-profit organization. It charges member companies $3.95 per hour per contractor to finance this effort to provide insurance for the independent contractor.  There are no premiums required to participate in this program.  

The MHTIP program offers health services through Kaiser Permanente.  MHTIP is also portable.  When you complete an assignment, the medical benefits are transferable.  Like many insurance plans, it pays up to 80% of medical expenses and reimbursement on generic prescription drugs.

Montana Health Insurance For Medicare Recipients

Seniors deserve quality Montana health insurance for Medicare recipients.  Most seniors on Medicare receive comprehensive coverage that includes preventive medical screenings.  Supplemental or some sort of Medigap coverage is sometimes necessary. 

Most recently seniors have been confused about Medicare part D, which offers prescription drug plans.  Montana agents have been capitalizing on the ignorance of Medicare part D and abusing the system.  The federal government and the Montana Department of Health and Human Services regulate the Medicare program in Montana. The bottom line is to ask questions until you understand your rights.

Montana Health Insurance For Pre-existing Conditions

MCHA or Montana Comprehensive Health Association is the Montana health insurance version for preexisting conditions.   Although MCHA is not insurance, but a non-profit organization, it acts on behalf of those with preexisting conditions who cannot otherwise obtain Montana health insurance as a result of their medical condition.  Montana legislators established this program. 

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