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Nevada Health Insurance

Before purchasing Nevada health insurance, you must first understand what coverage is available, what coverage you need, and learn how to find the best price for that coverage.  This page will walk you through the basics, introduce a few companies that sell health insurance in Nevada, and above all, make sure that you know a few tips to save some money. Remember, there are several companies competing to be your Nevada health insurance provider and that means you have a choice.

Nevada Health Insurance Components

There are many different options for health insurance and there isn’t a right or wrong answer.  It is only important to find the policy that is best for your specific needs and for the right price.  The first breakdown is into two categories: managed care policies and traditional care policies. 

Traditional care policy:

Fee for service:  This approach allows you to choose your doctors or facilities without requiring referrals or worrying about if they are “in network”.  This typically will have a deductible to pay up front and you will almost always have some type of up front payment associated with your service.

Managed care policies:

PPO (Preferred Provider Organization):  This is a network of providers that have agreed to pay a negotiated rate with the insurance company for certain services.  For you, choosing “in-network” providers offers lower co-insurance and most times deductibles don’t apply.  For the companies, it was designed to speed up payments to the providers, thus making it a more desirable approach for all parties involved.

HMO (Health Maintenance Organization):  Your PCP (primary care physician) is assigned to you to take care of general health.  However, if you need treatment that your PCP is unable to provide, a referral will be required to see a specialist physician in order for the services to be covered.

Point of Service:  This is a combination of the other two managed care plans. This starts as an HMO would with a monthly fee but there are no additional fees as long as it’s an approved visit.  However with this plan, the individual may choose at that point of service if they want to treat it like a PPO and go to a doctor without a referral.  Of course this will lead to higher coinsurance by doing this, but at least it allows the freedom that comes with a PPO.

Once you decide which type of policy to go with, there are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • Prescription benefits:  Does your policy come with a deductible that you must first meet to get the benefits?  Do you have to purchase generic meds to get the benefits?

  • Dental insurance:  Does your policy come with this, or do you need to supplement (most policies you will need to add it)?

  • Maternity insurance:  Usually you will need to purchase supplemental coverage.

  • Disability/Accident insurance:  Again, most times you will need to supplement your policy to be covered for this.

Nevada Individual Health Insurance

Finding individual health insurance in Nevada is a cinch as long as you and your family are reasonably healthy. However, if you or someone in your family has pre-existing health conditions then it can be become much more difficult to find an affordable Nevada health insurance plan.

The key to finding a cheap Nevada individual health insurance plan that gives your family the protection that you need is to shop around. Be sure and compare quotes from at least 3 different companies. Medical underwriting standards are different from one company to the next so just because you are declined with one company does not mean that your case is hopeless.

If you have applied for coverage with many different companies and are still having trouble obtaining coverage then be sure and speak with your Nevada health insurance broker about the Nevada HIPAA health insurance plan. HIPAA plans in NV are issued to everyone that meets certain criteria and will cover all pre-existing conditions from day one of coverage (one important thing to note about HIPAA is that if you are offered a Nevada COBRA health insurance plan from your employer that you must first accept the COBRA offer from your employer before you can become eligible for a HIPAA plan).

Nevada Health Insurance Tips

When searching for a health insurance company in Nevada, it is important that you balance savings with quality service.  An insurance company may give you a smaller premium, but are there plenty of physicians in-network and facilities accessible? 

Finding the lowest premium is just as vital as finding a company that allows you to get the healthcare you need.  Here are a few prominent companies in Nevada that offer health insurance:

  • Aetna

  • PacifiCare of Nevada

  • Anthem BlueCross BlueShield

  • Celtic Ins

  • Health Plan of Nevada

  • Humana

Be sure and check out any insurance company that are resarching with with Nevada Department of Insurance (especially if they are a small company that you have never heard of before).

How To Find Cheap Nevada Medical Insurance

Now on to the good part…saving money on your Nevada health insurance!  The basics to saving money are, well, basic.

  • Live a healthy lifestyle.  Of course some diseases or sicknesses are unavoidable, but there are changes that you can make that will lower your premium in the long run.  Smoking even just a few cigarettes a year allows insurance companies to categorize you as “at risk.” Another important factor in calculating premium is your weight.  If you are within your height’s ideal weight range, your premium will be lower.  Also, many companies offer a discount for individuals that exercise at least 3 times a week.

  • Compare not just multiple companies but multiple types of plans.  Depending on your needs, you may be able to take a higher deductible policy but with a lower monthly premium.

  • Check all professional organizations or alumni associations to see if you qualify for insurance under their group discount.

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