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New Hampshire Health Insurance

Finding adequate and affordable New Hampshire health insurance can often times feel like a difficult task.  In this article, we’ll review the options available for health insurance policy types available in NH, as well as give you a few tips to help save money.  Finding comprehensive New Hampshire health insurance doesn’t have to be hard, and the free search tools on this web page will help you do it.

New Hampshire Health Insurance Fundamentals

Before comparing companies and prices, it is essential that you understand the basic coverage available and what will work best for your needs.  New Hampshire health insurance can be obtained through four different ways: government, group/association, group/employer and through individual.  

  1. Government:  Otherwise known as Medicare/Medicaid or other forms of government state health plans.  This is insurance provided by the government for people that are either disabled, senior citizens, economically disadvantaged, or have conditions related to the Military.

  2. Group/Association:  Many different professional organizations offer group insurance discounts, or at least just group coverage.

  3. Group/Employer:  Many full-time employers offer health insurance as a benefit to their employees.  For you as a consumer, most times this will be the easiest place to obtain insurance because someone else does all the research.  Your employer pays for the insurance and medical claims through an insurance company, but in turn offers you a much discounted rate. The down side is that your costs may be higher than an individual plan, and your options may be poorly suited to your needs.

  4. Individual:  You may choose to pursue an individual policy for reasons like necessity, choice, or cost savings.  This type of policy is purchased directly from the insurance company, and is typically the best way to create a policy that meets your needs for things like doctor choice and co-pay or deductible rates.

New Hampshire Health Insurance Plans

Once you have figured out which category you fall into, you must choose the type of policy you want to purchase.  The difference between policies has to do with two things: money and freedom in which providers you are able to see.  The first type of health care is referred to as managed care and is then broken down into three additional groups.

  1. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO):  Originally, this type of policy was started to cut down on rising health care costs.  By joining an HMO, you pay only a monthly pre-set fee.  However, you are tied to one physician, referred to as your PCP (primary care physician), and to go to a different doctor you must get a referral first for it to be a covered service.

  2. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO):  As of 2007, this is the most popular of the three managed care options with 57% of insured individuals under a PPO.  This is most likely because of the lack of restrictions this policy presents.  In this insurance, you will be responsible for low coinsurance when you stay within the regulated network of providers.  In turn, the providers charge only the negotiated rate to your insurance company, so all parties win.

  1. Point of Service:  This is considered to be the best of both worlds to some individuals.  This policy allows you to be set up like an HMO, with a primary care physician and a set monthly fee, but at the point of service you may choose to go to a different doctor (and pay higher coinsurance as a result).

The other type of health care is called a traditional care plan.  This truly includes the origins of insurance, and this type of plan is referred to as Fee For Service.  In this plan, you have complete freedom of which physician or facility you can see.  However, it usually includes a deductible that must be met first before they will pay, often times you have to pay up front in full and then be reimbursed, and there is almost always at least a payment due at the time of service.

How To Find Cheap New Hampshire Health Insurance

Now that you understand what type of plan and policy you are searching for, here are a few tips to save money.

  1. If you are unable to obtain government or employee sponsored insurance, seek out a professional organization that offers health insurance at a discounted price.

  2. Evaluate the amount you can pay out of pocket for an insurance claim.  Then raise your deductible to that amount, which will lower your monthly premium.  Better yet, find a policy that has a larger deductible but for regular/preventative visits the deductible doesn’t apply and you are only responsible for the co-payments.

  3. Create a healthier lifestyle.  By keeping in shape, quitting bad habits such as smoking, and exercising on a regular basis you are able to save money on your policy.

New Hampshire High Risk Health Insurance

For those who are residents of New Hampshire and have trouble finding health insurance coverage due to pre-existing health conditions there are options. The New Hampshire Health Plan (NHHP) is a high risk pool that is designed specifically for those people who are not able to be approved for a private health insurance plan. The qualifications for joining the NHHP are very similar to the HIPAA qualifications but be sure and speak to a licensed New Hampshire health insurance agent about the specifics.

New Hampshire Children’s Health Insurance

New Hampshire Healthy Kids (NHHK) is a non profit group that seeks to give no cost or low cost MH health insurance options to children.

New Hampshire Health Insurance Companies

Some of the NH medical insurance companies include:


Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield


United Healthcare

Be sure and do your due diligence at the New Hampshire Department of Insurance on any insurance company that you are unsure about.

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