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New Mexico Health Insurance

To find the best New Mexico health insurance, it is important that you first know all of the basics.  This web page will point you in the right direction whether you are able to get health insurance through your NM employer, on your own as an individual policy, or through the government. 

Understanding the New Mexico health insurance offerings is easier than ever, due to all the resources available online. This web page and the free search tool are designed to lead you in the right direction and maybe even help you save a little money!

Read on to learn about the various New Mexico health insurance plans available and then be sure and use our free comparison tool to compare NM health insurance quotes from competing insurance companies to find the best deal for you and your family.

                        New Mexico Health Insurance: General Information

When searching for medical insurance in NM, there are plenty of unfamiliar terms that may be thrown out at you:  PCP, HMO, PPO, indemnity.  Let’s start by defining those, which will make your search much easier.

Traditional care plans (also referred to as indemnity):

Fee for service:  This type of plan supplies freedom in choosing which doctor or facility, as there are no restrictions.  However, it will typically come with a high deductible that must be met before services are paid for and then there are co-payments with each visit.

Managed care plans:

HMO (Health Maintenance Organization):  This plan assigns a PCP (primary care physician) that is in charge of your general health.  There is only a set monthly fee to pay with this plan.  However, if you need to see another physician you must first obtain a referral from your PCP.

PPO (Preferred Provider Organization):  This plan gives more freedom in allowing the individual to choose their physician.  The insurance companies team up with a group of providers that have agreed to pay negotiated rates on certain services.  This also works better for the providers as their payments are much faster.  The individual then can choose other physicians out of the network, but they will have higher coinsurance as a result.

POS (Point of Service):  A combination of the other two managed care plans, this initially is like an HMO where you are assigned a PCP and have a monthly set fee.  However, at the point of service you may choose to see another doctor and still be covered, just with higher coinsurance.

New Mexico Health Insurance State Specifics

The state of New Mexico provides many helpful services to help its citizens find or even just answer questions about health insurance.  The Insurance Division in New Mexico regulates all insurance in the state, but is also available to answer questions about disputed claims or just general information on health insurance policies.  The Insurance Division can be contacted at 1-800-947-4722.

If you have Medicare or are a beneficiary, the New Mexico Benefits Counseling Program is here to assist you at 1-866-451-2901.

Finally, if you are buying an individual health insurance policy in New Mexico and are rejected for your health status, there are other options.  Although HIPAA was designed to protect those that just changed their jobs, moved, or another circumstance, it ends up protecting those that do not qualify.  Here are the requirements to be eligible for a New Mexico HIPAA health insurance plan:

  • You can’t be eligible for Medicare, other government coverage, or other group coverage.

  • You must have had 18 months continuous coverage.

  • You must have exhausted all COBRA coverage.

  • You must not have any other NM medical insurance.

If you meet all of these qualifications, you may be eligible for health insurance under the New Mexico Medical Insurance Pool.  Contact the state for more specifics.

New Mexico Health Insurance Companies

When searching for a health insurance policy in New Mexico, it is important to find a company that will provide what you need as well as great service.  Here are a few major health insurance companies in New Mexico to keep in mind during your search:

  • Aetna

  • Celtic Insurance

  • Lovelace Health Plans

  • Golden Rule

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico

  • United Healthcare

Tips For Finding Cheap New Mexico Health Insurance

Now that you know which companies to look for, which type of policy you need, here are a few tips on saving money on your health insurance in New Mexico:

  •  Choose a policy with a high deductible.  This will make your monthly premium much lower.

  • Live a healthy lifestyle!  Weight, smoking, and other factors will increase your premium.

  • See if any professional organization you belong to offers discounts (National Association of Realtors, AICPA, your city’s Chamber of Commerce, etc.).

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