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North Dakota Health Insurance

In North Dakota, health insurance options are available from a number of insurers who want to be your provider. So how do you choose the right plan, the best provider, and get the best rates for your self or your family in ND? Answers to these questions are listed below. Once you have a basic understanding of the offerings for North Dakota health insurance plans, use the free quote tool above to find companies that can meet your needs at a price you can afford.

FAQ’s About North Dakota Health Insurance

Buying health insurance can be confusing.  Reading through some frequently asked questions about health insurance can help you to better understand of what you are buying and how to get the coverage that you need.  Here are some top FAQ’s about health insurance in North Dakota:

  1. Why is health insurance coverage important?  Health insurance will help you to obtain affordable medical care.  A health insurance company negotiates special discounted rates for the care you get that is covered under your policy so that it is more affordable to you.  After you reach your deductible your insurance will also pay a part of your costs.

  2. What is a deductible?  A deductible is the amount of money you must pay out of your pocket before the insurance company will start to pay towards your costs.  The deductible you choose is important because it will affect your out of pocket costs and premium rates.

  3. What medical care does health insurance cover?  Health insurance can cover almost any medical care you need, but it depends upon the policy you buy.  Many people only buy the minimum coverage so they only get basic care coverage for doctor’s visits and emergency care.  You can choose additional coverage like hospitalization and prescription coverage.

Comprehensive Health Association Of North Dakota

The Comprehensive Health Association of North Dakota or CHAND was established to provide health insurance coverage for people who can not obtain health insurance due to pre existing conditions or medical history.  Insurance companies can deny coverage to people whom they believe to be high risk and this can lead to difficulties in obtaining health insurance for people who need it the most.

CHAND helps to ensure that everyone in North Dakota can get health insurance that they can afford.  Usually high risk coverage is very expensive.  Under CHAND, though, people can get affordable coverage that allows them to be able to control their medical costs like everyone else.

There are requirements a person must meet in order to qualify for CHAND.  These requirements are:

  1. Must be a resident of the state for six months.

  2. Must show evidence of denial for health insurance.

North Dakota Health Insurance Guaranty Association

The North Dakota Health Insurance Guaranty Association helps protect you against a company that goes out of business or otherwise fails to honor your policy.  It helps to ensure that your insurance coverage is not disrupted and that you get what you paid for.

The whole point of the association is to make sure that companies are not going out of business and leaving consumers high and dry.  If you have paid for your insurance coverage then you are entitled to it. The state recognizes that you need health insurance and that when a company goes out of business that you will not be left without coverage that you need.

How To Find Cheap North Dakota Health Insurance

There are a few ways that you can save money on your ND health insurance.  Saving money mostly involves making good policy choices and shopping around.

You want to make sure that you choose adequate coverage, but that it is not more than you need.  You want to avoid optional coverage that you do not need.  You also should consider exactly how often you will use your insurance and how much you generally spend on health care each year. This information is vital if you ever decide to take part in a Health Savings Account. These let you use pretax dollars; however, you will usually need to commit to an amount up front.

The general rule is that the more you pay out of pocket – either through your deductible or co-pays – the less your monthly premium will be.  If you are not going to spend a lot on health care then you will probably never reach even the lowest deductible so you should just go ahead and get the highest so you are paying low premiums. Consider all the factors of your policy so you can get the best price. 

North Dakota Individual Health Insurance Plans

A ND individual health insurance plan will usually be much more affordable than a group health insurance plan with the same benefits (about half the cost). The downside to individual health insurance in ND is that not everyone that applies is accepted (unless one is eligible for a guaranteed issue plan like a North Dakota HIPAA health insurance plan or a ND COBRA health insurance plan).

Self Employed Health Insurance Options In North Dakota

Those who are looking for North Dakota self employed health insurance plans will typically want to purchase an individual plan because of the lower cost. However, if there are pre-existing health conditions present then one is almost forced to choose a guaranteed issue plan such as HIPAA or a group health plan.

North Dakota Health Insurance Companies

Some of the top medical insurance carriers in ND include:



Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota

Fortis Health Insurance

Security Life

United Healthcare

Make sure that you check out any potential insurer with the North Dakota Division of Insurance before you purchase.

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