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Ohio Health Insurance

Ohio health insurance coverage is designed to ensure that you get covered for your medical needs no matter your financial or medical history. 

You can find many health insurance options in Ohio when you shop around, but you need to know what your priorities are and your financial ability before you can make the best decision.

You can also get a range of health insurance policy options from different Ohio companies. Use this guide to find an insurer that can meet all you Ohio health insurance needs in the best way possible.

Ohio Health Insurance Policy Types

There are many options in health insurance policies in Ohio.  You can choose the one that works best for your needs.  They include Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) and traditional or indemnity plans. Here is an outline of different policies you may choose from:

  • HMO:  HMO’s are a network of doctors and medical providers whom which the insurance company has negotiated special rates for care.  You must only use doctors and medical providers that are in the network in order to be eligible for coverage under the insurance policy.  You will pay a monthly premium and be given a deductible that you must meet.  You will also pay co-pays for treatment.

  • PPO:  A PPO is a lot like an HMO.  The only difference is that with a PPO you can still get coverage when you see a doctor or medical provider that is outside the network.  The care you receive from doctors or medical providers that are outside the network will cost more then care form network providers.

  • Traditional:  A traditional plan does not have a network of doctor’s. You can visit any medical provider you would like.  You must pay co-pays and meet deductibles under this type of plan just as with HMO’s and PPO’s.

These are not the only options; however they are the most popular.

Ohio Health Insurance Policy Basics

OH health insurance policies will usually cover your basic health care needs like doctor’s visits for illness and preventative care.  They will also usually cover emergency room visits within reason and some prescription costs, but be sure to check your plan as this is not always the case.

For additional coverage you will have to buy optional packages.  Often, hospitalization is not covered under a general health insurance policy.  The exception to this is for childbirth and in some cases, hospitalization related to emergency care and disease.

Care like vision and dental are usually not included in a general health insurance plan.  You will have to purchase these as an optional coverage.  They will raise the cost of your insurance policy.

Ohio Health Insurance Guaranty Association

The Ohio Insurance Guaranty Association offers protection to the consumer in health insurance transactions.  The association helps to ensure that when an insurance company can not fulfill the policy that a person still is covered. 

This association protects you from bad companies or companies that end up going out of business.  Your investment and your health care coverage are protected so that you do not lose out when your company goes under. You can also investigate the stability of any company you are considering as a providers by checking their ratings with groups like Standard & Poors, Moody’s or A.M. Best.

For more information about the Ohio Health Insurance Guaranty Association or other laws pertaining to Ohio medical insurance then visit the Ohio Department of Insurance.

Benefits Of Ohio Health Insurance

Getting Ohio health insurance has many benefits.  The major benefit is that you are able to get affordable health care.  You are guaranteed not to have to pay excessive fees and costs that some medical providers may charge.

Your health insurance company will negotiate fair rates that you can afford and pass these rates onto you.  Additionally, your health insurance company will help you pay for costs that go beyond your deductible and make your health care even more affordable.

The benefits of health insurance make it easier for you to get the medical care that you need when you need it.  You will be able to afford to stay healthy and ensure that your family is healthy. 

Insurance also will help you in those emergency situations or when something unexpected happens.  Situations like these could really cause financial problems if you are not covered under adequate OH health insurance.

Ohio COBRA Health Insurance

The Ohio COBRA health insurance laws are designed to offer group continuation coverage to employees and their dependents who undergo a “qualifying event” (the COBRA laws only apply to companies with 20 or more employees). COBRA coverage lasts a minimum of 18 months and a maximum of 36 months.

Ohio HIPAA Health Insurance

An Ohio HIPAA health insurance plan is an individual health insurance plan that is issued on a guaranteed issue basis with no exclusions for pre-existing health conditions.

Ohio Individual Health Insurance vs. Ohio Group Health Insurance

Ohio individual health insurance plans are much cheaper than Ohio group health insurance plans but an individual plan can be much more difficult to be approved for when one has pre-existing conditions.

Ohio Health Insurance Companies


Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio


Companion Life Insurance Company

Golden Rule


Humana One

Kaiser Permanente of Ohio

Medical Mutual

SummaCare Inc of Ohio

United Healthcare

Find Ohio Health Insurance Quotes Now!

Your OH health insurance coverage is only beneficial if you can afford it.  Finding affordable medical insurance coverage in Ohio is usually only possible by shopping around.  You have to see what is available and what companies will offer you so you can find the best price and value.

The main way to compare companies is through quotes.  Getting a quote will allow you to compare each company with the same criteria.  You can get quotes from a variety of companies with our quote tool which is easy and simple to use.

You can enter your information one time and receive quotes from a range of companies offering Ohio health insurance.  Why not get started saving some money on health insurance now?