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Oklahoma Health Insurance

In Oklahoma, health insurance is as necessary as it is anywhere. Healthcare costs continue to rise and no relief is in sight, except for what will come as a result of a good, comprehensive Oklahoma health insurance policy.

Less than 50% of employers in OK provide health insurance for their employees therefore, more and more people are shopping for it on their own. This can be a good thing in some cases though as an Oklahoma individual health insurance plan is typically much cheaper than a similar group plan.

Read on to learn some ways to find cheap Oklahoma medical insurance and then when you are finished put your new found knowledge to good use and use our free Oklahoma health insurance quote finder to compare rates from top insurance companies.

What Oklahoma Health Insurance Covers

Oklahoma is amongst the 10 least healthy states in which to live, with high rates of smoking, obesity, lost time from work due to sickness, cardiovascular deaths and poor access to primary care doctors. Therefore having health insurance is even more important than ever. Oklahoma health insurance covers a variety of things, such as:


  1. Physician visits

  2. Hospitalizations

  3. Testing

  4. Surgery

  5. Prescription drugs

  6. Certain types of therapy, like physical and occupational therapy

  7. Specified medical equipment

  8. Medical treatments

  9. Ambulance services

  10. Preventative care (physical exams, mammagrams, pap smears, prostate exams)

Finding The Best Oklahoma Health Insurance Plan

Oklahoma health insurance is obtained primarily through 2 sources: group insurance and individual insurance. There are state and federal plans in place, like Medicare and Medicaid, however you must qualify to be eligible for them.

Group Insurance is found primarily through your employer. There are many advantages to this type of coverage. It is an easy choice for most people, there are no underwriting requirements, payments are conveniently made by payroll deduction and employers may subsidize a portion or the entire plan. You may also find health insurance though other groups you belong to like professional associations, business groups and more.

Individual Insurance is becoming a more and more common option because fewer employers are offering group insurance plans. You can shop for individual plans quickly and easily online. Before starting you should decide on exactly what type of coverage you need and how much you can afford to pay monthly. Individual health insurance is often less expensive than group coverage for those who are in good health, because they are not helping to support the healthcare costs of other less healthy plan members.

Oklahoma Health Insurance For High-Risk Individuals

If you happen to be labeled high risk because of your overall health, pre-existing conditions, weight or any other reason, but earn too much to be eligible for the state plans, there is still hope. Oklahoma has a high-risk reinsurance pool that gives access to healthcare for those deemed high-risk. However, premiums are much higher than they would be on the open market, so be sure to shop around well before you turn to this option.

Tips For Saving Money On Oklahoma Health Insurance

There are certain things to keep in mind as you try to find the best and most affordable Oklahoma health insurance plan for you and your family.

  1. Shop around for OK health insurance. The more quotes you get, the better chance you will have of getting a great deal on your coverage. Experts recommend getting at least 3 quotes before making a final decision. By using a free online quote tool like the one above, you’ll get more than that with no extra effort.

  2. Get a Health Savings Account (HSA), which allows you to put pre-tax money into a savings account to cover your healthcare needs. You can use the money for co-payments, co-insurance, deductibles, over-the-counter medications and more.

  3. Opt for higher deductibles and out-of-pocket limits in order to save yourself money on your premiums, especially if you are young, in good health and are looking mostly for coverage for catastrophic illness.

  4. Check out discounts and discount cards provided by your insurer. It may be more cost effective to use discount cards for dental and vision needs instead of taking out the coverage for such, especially if you do not foresee needing them much.

Oklahoma HIPAA Health Insurance

An Oklahoma HIPAA health insurance plan is designed to offer guaranteed coverage to those who have major pre-existing health conditions and are unable to obtain coverage on the open market. There are 6 requirements that one must meet in order to be considered HIPAA eligible in OK so be sure and ask a qualified Oklahoma health insurance agent for assistance (or visit the Oklahoma Insurance Department for more information).

Oklahoma COBRA Health Insurance

An Oklahoma COBRA health insurance plan is offered to employees and their dependents when they leave their employer and are no longer eligible for the company’s group health insurance plan (COBRA plans are only available to companies that have 20 or more employees).

Should you choose to accept your employer’s Oklahoma COBRA health insurance offer? If you and your family is perfectly healthy then it almost always is smarter to refuse the COBRA offer and apply for a much cheaper Oklahoma individual health insurance plan from a private insurer on the open market. If you or your dependents has pre-existing health conditions (or even if anyone is pregnant) then it is usually best for those persons to take the COBRA offer and for only the healthy members to apply for an individual plan.

COBRA plans are only temporary plans (they last anywhere from 18 months to 36 months) so be sure that have a plan available for when the coverage terminates.

Oklahoma Health Insurance Companies

When looking for health insurance in Oklahoma, it is important to thoroughly investigate the insurance company you are planning to purchase coverage with. Here are some important things to look at:


  1. Check the complaint history of the company at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. This will give you a good idea of how they treat customers.

  2. Check their financial stability through one of the independent insurance ratings companies, like A.M. Best.

  3. Check how quickly they pay claims, this will be especially important if you need reimbursement for certain out-of-pocket expenses.

Some of the best companies offering Oklahoma health insurance (not ranked in order):

  1. Assurant

  2. Humana

  3. Aetna

  4. American Health

  5. United Healthcare

  6. Coventry

  7. Blue Cross Blue Shield

  8. Anthem

  9. Cigna

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