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Oregon Health Insurance

In Oregon, health insurance is just as important as anywhere else in America, even though the state ranks in the top 20 for being a healthy place to live.  There are quite a few companies offering Oregon health insurance and it is easily accessible.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the jargon and the options before you make your choice of an Oregon health insurance plan.

Let us help you find the very best Oregon health insurance plan for your needs. Read on to learn some money saving tips and then use our free Oregon health insurance quote tool to compare rates from top insurance companies and agents side by side online.

The Right Choices For Affordable Oregon Health Insurance

 If you are looking for affordable Oregon health insurance, the trick lies in the choices you make. There are some things under your control, but you may have to make some compromises to get that absolute best price.

  1. The lowest priced plan to opt for is an HMO. It will provide great healthcare, but you must use the in-network doctors. You will choose a primary care physician (PCP) to oversee your healthcare and must go through him or her for referrals to specialists.

  2. Placing a higher deductible and/or higher out-of-pocket limits on your plan will get you lower premiums. If you are healthy and want insurance to cover major accidents and illnesses only, then this is a great way to go.

  3. Exclude vision and dental coverage. Often health insurance companies offer discount cards free of charge to their members. These cards give you good discounts with vision and dental providers, amongst other places. Therefore, unless you will use such coverage extensively, you may want to skip these relatively pricey add-ons.

  4. Get healthy and stay healthy. If you are paying too much it may be because of your health. So lose weight, exercise and stop smoking. These things will make a huge difference to the health risk you present to insurers.

  5. Shop around to compare and contrast as many plans and companies as you can to find the best deal.

Oregon Health Insurance: State Administered Plans

Oregon has an option in place called the Oregon Health Plan, which is a program to provide government-subsidized health insurance to the people of Oregon who need it. You must be eligible and meet income criteria in order to receive this plan at little or no cost.

There is another option offered through the state of Oregon to help people pay for their group or individual insurance. It is called the Family Health Insurance Assistance Program (FHIAP). This program will help pay insurance premiums for those who meet the eligibility requirements.

Unfortunately, because of Federal government funding changes, the program is not accepting new members for at least a year and a half and some adults on individual insurance assistance have lost their benefits.

Oregon Health Insurance For The Uninsurable

Oregon offers a high-risk reinsurance pool for those people deemed high-risk by insurance companies. If you have been refused coverage because of your health or any other reason, you may be eligible for Oregon’s high-risk insurance coverage.

It is available to those who make too much to be eligible for state-subsidized plans and are too young for Medicare. The plan is expensive though, so it should be considered as a last choice only.

Be sure and ask your OR health insurance broker about what HIPAA compliant Oregon health insurance plans are available to you.

Oregon Individual Health Insurance

An Oregon individual health insurance plan will usually be about 1/3 of the cost of an Oregon group health insurance plan. Choose an individual plan if you do not have major pre-existing health conditions that would prevent you from being accepted onto the plan.

Oregon Self Employed Health Insurance

Those who are looking for Oregon self employed health insurance usually will end up choosing an individual plan because of the low cost. However, if you are self employed and are unable to obtain an individual plan then you may want to choose a group plan simply because the underwriting standards are much more lenient. Either way, remember to ask your CPA or tax advisor about the self employed health insurance tax deduction and other tax efficient ways of obtaining health benefits (such as medical reimbursement plans, cafeteria plans, and HSA plans).

Oregon Health Insurance Companies

There are a variety of Oregon health insurance companies that each offer something slightly different. It is important to read the fine print and understand exactly what each plan covers and does not cover, when you are shopping around. Doing so will save you future headaches and ensure you make the right choice.

The following companies offer Oregon health insurance:

  1. Aetna

  2. Regence BCBSO

  3. Providence

  4. HealthNet

  5. LifeWise

  6. Mega Life

  7. Kaiser Permanente

  8. Assurant

  9. Pacificare

  10. United Healthcare

If you have concerns about an Oregon health insurance company or agent then be sure and check them out at the Oregon Department of Insurance to make sure that they are properly licensed.

Compare Online Oregon Health Insurance Quotes

There are so many reasons to get your Oregon health insurance quote using an online quote tool like the one above.

  1. It is free.

  2. It is the best use of your time because you only have to answer questions once.

  3. You will get multiple quotes, making it easy and fast to compare.

  4. You will probably get quotes from companies you would not have thought to check.

  5. Shopping around is the best way to keep your OR health insurance costs down and online quote tools are the best way to shop around.

Get your free Oregon health insurance quote now by simply returning to the top of the page, inputting your zip code and answering a few questions! In no time, you’ll have the comparative quotes you need.

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