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Rhode Island Health Insurance

In Rhode Island, health insurance is on the rise; it is the state with the lowest percentage of uninsured people and is also one of the healthiest states, within the top 12. However, despite these great statistics, RI health insurance is still a very necessary commodity in order to help people stay healthy and allow them access to affordable healthcare when they need it. In Rhode Island, as throughout the nation, health insurance should remain at the top of residents’ financial priorities.

Rhode Island Health Insurance: Reasons To Get And Keep Coverage

Rhode Island health insurance provides more than just financial security. There are numerous good reasons to have health insurance. If it is not offered through your employer or you are unsatisfied with the coverage offered, you do have other options. Individual health insurance is surprisingly affordable for most people, especially if you are in good health. Group insurance may also be available through other organizations you belong to.

Some exceptional reasons to get RI health insurance include:

  1. People with health insurance are more likely to seek healthcare earlier in the duration of the illness, before it gets more difficult to treat and may result in hospitalization.

  2. People with health insurance are more likely to have vaccinations and preventative health care that keeps them healthier overall.

  3. People with health insurance have statistically fewer incidents of death from cancer, especially cancers that can be successfully treated if caught early enough.

  4. Those with health insurance have healthier pregnancies and a higher percentage of live births than those without.

  5. People with health insurance do not have to worry as much about a large medical bill bankrupting their savings account or retirement plan.

Tips On Getting The Best Rhode Island Health Insurance Plan

When looking for RI health insurance, it is important to keep several things in mind.

  1. Be completely truthful when answering questions for your quotes. If you receive coverage based on false information that you have provided, your coverage will be cancelled and claims denied.

  2. If you choose higher deductibles, co-payments and out-of-pocket limits, you will be able to keep your premiums lower.

  3. If you receive a quote that is too good to be true, then it probably is. Make sure to read the fine print carefully and pay extra attention to lifetime maximums. A $1,000,000 maximum is a sign of a cheap policy that will not protect you adequately. $3,000,000 or higher is a much better maximum for most people.

  4. If you are not in the best of health, make an effort to improve what you can. If you stop smoking, lose weight, eat properly and exercise regularly, you will have a better health insurance rate and lower premiums. Your chances of living longer will also be greatly increased.

Rhode Island Health Insurance Extras

There are so many companies on the market that each tries to distinguish themselves by offering different “extras” on their plans. These extras will give you some distinct advantages, so be sure to investigate them fully. They will provide you with savings, convenience and help in getting and staying healthy.

  1. Discount Cards/Programs: Many health insurance companies offer discount cards or discount programs that give you reduced rates on vision care, dental care, medical supplies and much more. Such programs may even allow you to opt out of pricey coverage like dental and vision.

  2. Health Savings Accounts or HSA's: These are accounts where you can deposit tax-free earnings, that you can in turn use for eligible health expenses, including deductibles, co-pays and over the counter medication, amongst others.

  3. Fitness Programs: Such programs give you discounts at gyms and weight loss centers in order to promote improved health amongst members.

  4. Direct-Mail Prescription Plans: These plans allow you to pre-order your regular prescriptions for usually a 3-month period, at a much reduced cost. Often you can get 3 months worth of prescriptions for less than the cost of 2 months in a regular drugstore. This is only available for medication you take long term, like thyroid medications, anti-depressants and diabetic drugs.

Rhode Island Self Employed Health Insurance Plans

If you are searching for self employed health insurance in Rhode Island then one of the first things to consider is your health. The reason why your health is a major factor is because many who are self employed purchase very cheap Rhode Island individual health insurance policies so long as they are able to meet the underwriting criteria.

If you have major pre-existing conditions then you may be forced to choose a much more expensive Rhode Island group health insurance plan because of the looser underwriting standards that are present with group health insurance in RI.

If you are coming off of a Rhode Island COBRA health insurance plan and you have major pre-existing conditions then be sure and ask your RI health insurance broker or the Rhode Island Department of Insurance about the guaranteed issue Rhode Island HIPAA health insurance plan that covers all pre-existing conditions.

Rhode Island Health Insurance Companies

Before selecting a RI health insurance company to protect your family’s health and financial future, be sure to check out the company thoroughly. It should offer good customer service, quick turnaround time on claims and be financially stable.

Some of the companies which offer Rhode Island health insurance are:

  1. Humana

  2. Aetna

  3. Assurant

  4. Blue Cross Blue Shield

  5. Cigna

  6. Anthem

  7. United Healthcare

You’ve probably heard of most of these companies before, and that’s a good sign. To investigate their financial stability go to A.M. Best or another site that gives ratings to insurers.

Rhode Island Health Insurance Quotes

Get your Rhode Island health insurance quotes today by simply returning to the free online quote tool you see above and inputting your zip code.

You’ll be asked a few simple questions and will get a selection of health insurance quotes from top health insurers serving your area of Rhode Island.

Find the best RI health insurance now!