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South Carolina Health Insurance

Many people have questions about South Carolina health insurance. Buying health insurance in SC doesn't have to be a difficult process. Taking the time to conduct some research will mean that you are getting the right level of coverage for your SC health insurance. It may even save you some money, as well!

South Carolina Individual Health Insurance Vs. South Carolina Group Health Insurance

When you apply for South Carolina individual health insurance, the company will evaluate your application based on your insurability. You may need to submit to some medical tests or a physical examination before the company will agree to offer you insurance coverage although typically the company will just want you to answer medical history questions).

Insurance companies may deny you insurance coverage based on your health status, your medical history, your age, occupation, or hobbies. Whether you smoke or the amount of alcohol you consume may make a difference as well. The insurance company may agree to insure you, but at a higher premium cost (if you cannot find coverage due to pre-existing conditions then ask your SC health insurance agent if you qualify for a South Carolina HIPAA health insurance plan).

Applying for enrollment in a South Carolina group health insurance plan means that you can get coverage without having to provide the insurance company with evidence of your insurability. When the insurance company calculates premiums for group coverage, it needs to consider that some group members will be healthier than others. It will need to collect enough in premiums to balance out the risk of paying multiple claims for some members and few, if any, claims for others. This is why if you leave your employer and are offered a South Carolina COBRA health insurance plan then you should only take the offer if you are unhealthy.

South Carolina Health Insurance: HMO

An HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) is one form of health insurance available to residents of South Carolina. When you enroll in one of these plans, you get access to a group of doctors, health care providers, and hospitals who have voluntarily become members of the HMO network.

Paying your premiums to the HMO means that you can access services from the network of providers as needed. You will be required to designate one doctor as your primary care physician. If you need to see a specialist, a referral from your primary care physician is required.

South Carolina Health Insurance: PPO

Another option for people looking for SC health insurance is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). This plan is similar to an HMO; it also has a network of healthcare providers. PPO networks tend to be larger than those of an HMO.

With a PPO, you are not required to designate one doctor as your primary care physician. You also have the flexibility to get treatment from a hospital or healthcare provider who is not a member of the network. If you choose to exercise this option, you will be charged a higher fee for services than if you had seen a member of your network.

South Carolina Health Insurance: Mandated Benefits

Under legislation passed by each state, an insurance company must provide certain types of insurance benefits to consumers. In most parts of the United States, an insurance company must provide coverage for treatment programs for substance abuse. In other states, insurers are required to cover care for newborns, hospice services, and mental illnesses.

South Carolina Health Insurance: Dental Coverage

While some health insurance plans include dental coverage as part of the benefits offered, other insurance companies will allow enrollees to add dental coverage to an existing plan. Examine the list of benefits your health insurance plan provides; you may have coverage for services related to dental work needed as the result of an accident. (This coverage would be for non-cosmetic treatments.) Your health insurance plan may pay for the cost of staying in a hospital to have impacted wisdom teeth removed, for example.

South Carolina Heath Insurance: Prescription Drugs

Your health insurance may cover the cost of prescription medications, but only if they are being prescribed as part of your care following an accident or due to illness. Any claims you submit will be subject to your policy deductible and copayments required.

You may want to ask the insurance company whether it covers certain types of medications, such as birth control pills or smoking cessation treatments, such as nicotine gum or the nicotine patch.

How To Find A Cheap South Carolina Health Insurance Plan

  1. Increase Your Deductible – The higher your deductible the lower your monthly premiums will be.

  2. Choose An HSA – Health Savings Accounts have a number of attractive benefits for SC residents.

  3. Shop Around – Compare quotes from multiple SC health insurers every 6 months to make sure that you are getting the best value.

South Carolina Health Insurance Companies

Here is a listing of some of the best SC health insurance companies:


Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina


Golden Rule

Humana One

United Healthcare

WellPath Select

If you find a medical insurance company in South Carolina that you are not sure about of if you just need to check out your South Carolina health insurance agent then be sure and visit the South Carolina Department of Insurance to do some research and make sure that they are appropriately licensed.

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