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Tennessee Health Insurance

When you are looking for Tennessee health insurance, it pays to compare policies from several companies before you decide to buy a policy. Health insurance coverage in Tennessee can be pricey, and you will want to make sure you are getting the best combination of coverage options and premiums you can afford. It always pays for consumers to educate themselves about health insurance matters in TN in advance.

Tennessee Health Insurance: Types Of Coverage Available

Tennessee residents have the option of choosing between managed care plans and fee-for-service plans. If you choose a managed care plan, you will pay a set monthly fee for your health insurance coverage. With this option, you will need to choose to see a doctor or get treatment at a hospital that is a member of your plan’s provider network. If you get medical attention from a provider who is not a member of the network, you may find that your insurance coverage is denied.

Managed care plans include HMOs (Health Management Organizations), PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizer Organizations), and POS (Point of Service Plans). When you are considering one of these options, keep in mind that you will need to consider that there is a tradeoff between lower rates and more choices. Your premiums will be lower if you choose an HMO over a PPO or a POS plan, but the HMO limits your coverage to doctors and hospitals in your plan’s provider network.

Deciding to sign up for a fee-for-service plan means that you have the freedom to visit the doctor or go to the hospital that you choose. As the name implies, you pay for the services yourself and then submit your claim to the insurance company for reimbursement. Depending on the plan you choose and your deductible, you may be reimbursed for a portion of your costs or the full amount.

Tennessee Health Insurance: Consumers’ Rights

As a resident of Tennessee, you have certain rights when it comes to health insurance coverage, as follows:

  1. Insurance companies will provide coverage for the benefits mandated by state law.

  2. You have the right to get information about what benefits your policy provides and what the policy exclusions are. 

  3. You have the right to receive a copy of a list of benefits your policy covers for you to compare to other companies’ offerings.

  4. Payments will be paid promptly.

  5. Medical treatment in an Emergency Room for life-threatening injuries must be covered.

  6. If the insurance company refuses to insure you or denies your claim, you have the right to a written explanation of the reasons.

  7. As a consumer of insurance products in Tennessee, you have the right to complain to your insurance company about any decisions it makes that you don’t agree with. You also have the right to launch an appeal if you are not happy with how the insurance company has dealt with a claim.

Tennessee Health Insurance: Limits To Protection Under State Law

Even though your rights to insurance are protected under Tennessee law, there are limits to this protection as well. To be a savvy consumer, you need to be aware of the following:

  1. A person who applies for health insurance coverage through a group plan cannot be denied coverage because of his or her health status.

  2. Under a group plan, exclusion of pre-existing conditions must be limited.

  3. Employers are not required to offer health insurance as a benefit to employees.

  4. If you do work for an employer who offers health insurance, there may be a delay before your coverage period actually starts.

  5. Insurance companies must offer group plans for small businesses.

  6. An employee who leaves his or her job may be able to keep his or her group insurance coverage for a certain period of time.

  7. If an individual loses his or her coverage under a group insurance policy, they may be able to buy a conversion policy.

  8. All individuals who meet the requirements set out under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) have the right to buy a Tennessee HIPAA health insurance policy. This right is guaranteed by law.

  9. All individuals who work for a company with 20 or more employees have the right to elect a Tennessee COBRA health insurance plan after they leave the employer or undergo any other qualifying event.

How To Find Low Cost Tennessee Health Insurance

One of the best ways to find a cheap Tennessee health insurance plan is to consider purchasing an individual policy. Individual health insurance plans in TN are typically about half of the cost of a Tennessee group health insurance plan with similar benefits. Of course, if your employer offers to pay all or most of your premiums for a group plan then you should enroll in the group plan. Also, if you have major pre-existing health conditions then it may also make sense to enroll in a group plan because of the more lenient underwriting standards.

Tennessee Health Insurance Companies

Some of the best TN health insurance companies include:


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee


Golden Rule




United Healthcare

If you have questions about your TN health insurance company or Tennessee health insurance agent then check out their licensing status at the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance.

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