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Vermont Health Insurance

The number of VT residents without Vermont health insurance only totals about 68,630 (one of the smallest numbers per state), Vermont is the second state well on its way to having a near universal health care plan for all its citizens. If you are in need of health insurance in VT, learn the facts before obtaining Vermont health insurance quotes with the tool on this page.

What is interesting about  this state’s mission is that Vermont is considered the healthiest place to live in the United States by some rankings.  The uninsured population is decreasing, the number of smokers in the state has dropped by almost half since 1990, and the incidents of infectious diseases have declined from 20.3 to 6.4 cases per 100,000 people in the same amount of time.

In the state of Vermont, medical underwriting is not allowed.  This means that health insurance companies are not allowed to use your health information to determine if they will provide you coverage and how much your premiums will be.  However, companies are allowed to look back nine months for pre-existing conditions and implement a 12 month waiting period before they are covered.

Vermont Health Insurance For All Residents By 2010

The goal of Vermont state health reform is to provide a minimum of 96% of residents with health insurance by the year 2010.  How does the state plan on doing this?

  • All required immunizations are currently provided to all residents at no cost

  • Chronic Care Initiatives

  • Employer Sponsored Health Insurance – Vermont Health Access Plan: Uninsured employees can apply for help to cover their part of health insurance premiums from employer sponsored health insurance plans.  Premium is based on income.  The employer plan must meet certain criteria.

  • Medicaid initiatives that include lower premiums, creating chronic care management plans, and increase the amount that doctors are reimbursed.

  • Funding through increases in tobacco tax and a fine on companies of $1.00 a day per employee if the company does not offer health insurance, or has uninsured employees.

Vermont Health Insurance Options

Green Mountain Care Programs are low and no cost health care programs for low to moderate income individuals and families in the state of Vermont who do not have insurance. 

  • Catamount Health Insurance - Maximum deductible of $250 per person and $500 per family. 

    • No deductibles on prescription drugs. 

    • Maximum out of pocket costs of $800 per person and $1600 per family.

    •  Those without insurance are eligible for Catamount health insurance if they have not had health insurance in the last 12 months

    • Offered through MVP Health Care and Blue Cross Blue Shield

    • Premium based on income

    • $10/$30/$50 tier co-pay plan on prescription drugs.

  • Employer Sponsored Insurance Premium Assistance - If you are eligible for Catamount Health and your income is $2,613 for an individual (more for family), and if your employer based plan has comprehensive benefits and it’s more cost effective for the state to help you with your insurance premium through your employer than enroll you in Catamount Health or VHAP you can enroll in the ESI program.

  •  VHAP – Vermont Health Access Plan.  Health insurance for uninsured adults over the age of 18 who have low incomes.

  • Dr. DynasaurHealth insurance plan for pregnant women, and children under the age of 18 who are members of low income families who do not have health insurance.  There are no co-pays and premiums range from nothing to $40 a month.

  • Vermont COBRA Health Insurance – COBRA is a group continuation plan that is available for employees and their dependents (for businesses with 20 or more employees).

  • Prescription Assistance – Vermont offers several prescription assistance programs to help cover the rising cost of prescription drugs. 

    • VPharm is for those aged 65 and older as well as the disabled who are enrolled in Medicare part D. 

    • VHAP Pharmacy and VSCRIPT cover those 65 and older and those with disabilities who are not enrolled in Medicare for a small monthly premium.  The difference is VHAP will cover short term medications where VSCRIPT will only cover long term medications. 

    • Healthy Vermonters provides help with prescription coverage for both long and short term medications and is based on income.  There are no monthly premiums.

Vermont Health Insurance Companies

Some of the best VT health insurance companies include:


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont


Golden Rule

United Healthcare

Be sure and investigate your VT health insurance agent and company at the Vermont Department of Insurance before you purchase a policy.

Want To Purchase Your Own Vermont Health Insurance Policy?

Individual health insurance policies in VT often prove more cost effective than group policies. To determine if this is the case for you and your family, you will need to obtain and compare multiple quotes from providers.

We have provided an easy to use tool at the top of the page that will allow you to compare quotes from top Vermont health insurance companies side by side after you provide us with some information. 

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