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Virginia Health Insurance

Virginia health insurance is somewhat unique because of the number of military personal that it covers.  Military health care is a world in itself with its own red tape, provisions, and list of things that it will and will not cover.  We will come back to that in a few moments. 

First, let’s look at rest of Virginia where currently 1,001,218 people are without medical insurance. After learning the basic facts, you’ll be better informed to use the quote tool above and get numerous quotes for the health insurance coverage you need in VA.

Virginia ranks the 22nd healthiest state to live in with a low prevalence of binge drinking, easy access to primary health care, and a decline in violent crimes.  On the flip side there is a high incidence of infectious disease, a high infant mortality rate, and obesity is on the rise.

Virginia Health Insurance For The Uninsured With Low Incomes

If you can not afford health insurance there are few options available in the state of Virginia outside of Medicaid.  The Family Access to Medical Insurance Security is available to uninsured children under the age of 19 in low income families. 

Every Woman’s Life is a breast and cervical screening program for income eligible women aged 40-64.  Those diagnosed through this program may be eligible for health insurance through Medicaid.

If these options don’t apply to you, you will need to obtain your coverage through either a group or an individual policy. The types available, your rates, and the specific coverage will vary.

Virginia Health Insurance Options

With few state options available, and just over half of employers providing health insurance as part of a benefits package, the majority of the population is on their own to purchase their own policies through independent companies. The typical plans are explained below. Just remember, the specifics will vary greatly from company to company.

  • HMO – (Health Maintenance Organization) HMOs are pre-paid plans where the insurance company has arranged lower cost for medical care with select doctors, hospitals and clinics.  As long as you visit one of these doctors you will not have any out of pocket costs for services outside of your premium.  Some HMOs even have their own privately run and fully staffed clinics for their policy holders.  The state of Virginia has an HMO Ombudsman who specifically deals with HMO issues that arise.

  • PPO – (Preferred Provider Organization) PPOs allow patients to use their own doctor.  PPO’s have in network and out of network doctors.  In network doctors, including specialists, have agreed to accept as payment that the insurance company feels is reasonable.  Using an in network doctor will cost you a small co-pay.  Using a doctor that is out of network is subject to deductibles and you will be responsible for a percentage of the bill. 

  • POS – (Point of Service) The insurance company provides you with a list of doctors that you can pick from.  You are required to designate a primary care physician and all medical care, including ER visits, will have to be authorized by that doctor.

  • Fee for Service Plans (Traditional or Indemnity) – These are the most traditional of all health insurance policies.  You pay for your doctor or other medical coverage up front, and then submit a claim to your insurance company to be reimbursed.  Most likely you will not get full reimbursement, only a percentage depending on your policy and your health insurance company.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield – The state of Virginia does not have a high risk pool for those that can not get insurance because of pre-existing conditions.  However, Blue Cross Blue Shield will offer policies to anyone.  Pre-existing wait times are between 10 and 12 months and you may have higher premiums.

Supplementary Virginia Health Insurance For Military Families

Supplementary VA health insurance is meant to fill in the coverage gaps left by your insurance policy.  With military health care these gaps can sometimes be huge.  For example, where there are many over the counter medications that you do not have to pay for, there are many prescriptions that military pharmacies do not have and your military health insurance will not cover. 

Other times you may find yourself on a long waiting list to get a doctor’s appointment, especially if you need to see a specialist, through the military health care system.  Going outside of the system will result in your having to pay for care out of pocket.  For these reasons it’s always good to have a second health insurance policy. 

Additionally, when you retire from the military you may end up moving to an area where it’s hard to find a doctor that will accept Champus/Tricare coverage.  Many military families have learned never to solely depend on military health care benefits.  Military health care benefits are a good idea in theory that doesn’t always work well in reality.

Where To Find Supplementary Virginia Health Insurance

  • There are some military organizations such as the Fleet Reserve Association, the American Legion, and the Military Officers Association of America that offer Champus/Tricare specific supplemental plans to help cover out of pocket costs.

  • Private Insurance companies such as AFLAC.

Supplemental Insurance is a bit of a misnomer. When you have Champus/Tricare insurance through the military or state (this is the same insurance that most state employees receive) and find yourself going out of the military health care system for care, Champus/Tricare is always the last to pay.  In reality you have purchased supplemental insurance to cover what your military benefits will not cover and to have the extra coverage when you need it. 

However, it works backward.  Your private insurance company ends up being your primary insurance company with Champus/Tricare paying the difference.  The nice thing is though is that they will usually cover co-pays. 

When you purchase your supplemental insurance policy talk to your agent to make sure there aren’t going to be any conflicts with the coverage that you have through Champus/Tricare.  There is no use in having the additional coverage if the two insurance companies are going to do nothing but fight over who covers what and nothing gets paid.

Another option is a Virginia Health Savings Account (HSA) that allows you to take out funds pre-tax to put aside for medical expenses that are not covered by insurance.

Virginia Individual Health Insurance

Many people think that an individual health insurance plan in Virginia will cost much more than a group plan in VA but that is not the case. VA individual health insurance plans are usually much cheaper than their group counterparts. If you are somewhat healthy and do not have access to employer paid group coverage then an individual health insurance plan is the way to go. If you have pre-existing health conditions then be sure and ask your agent about a guaranteed issue plan like a Virginia HIPAA health insurance plan or a Virginia COBRA health insurance plan.

Virginia Self Employed Health Insurance

Those who are looking for self employed health insurance in Virginia will most likely benefit from the low cost of an individual health insurance plan. One thing to keep in mind is that the self employed health insurance tax deduction is available no matter whether one purchases a group or an individual plan – it makes no difference for tax purposes.

Virginia Health Insurance Companies

Some of the best Virginia medical insurance companies include:


Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield

CareFirst Blue Cross & Blue Shield


Golden Rule

Humana One

Kaiser Mid-Atlantic


United Healthcare

Be sure and work with an independent health insurance agent licensed in Virginia so that they can help you compare quotes from many different companies. Also, be sure and check out the insurance company you are considering with the Virginia Bureau of Insurance before you buy a policy.

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