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Washington Health Insurance

In the nation’s most northwest state, 87.2% of the residents have Washington health insurance and the number of uninsured is decreasing by about 2% a year.  Things are slowing getting better in the state, and insurance commissioner Mike Kreidler has proposed legislation that he theorizes will make health insurance options in WA improve more quickly. Handy online tools, like the one above, offer all residents a way to get free quotes for Washington health insurance from the privacy of home.

Washington Health Insurance Plan Proposed by Kreidler

There is talk everywhere about universal health care and how to make sure that every American has health care.  Many plans have been proposed and debated, but no one has come up with a plan yet.  Individual states are starting to come up with state wide plans that may prove to be feasible on a nationwide scale; and Washington is no different in that respect.

Insurance commissioner Mike Kreidler has proposed health care reform that will provide all residents with catastrophic coverage for accident and illness over $10,000; as well as limited preventative care that provides for all immunizations, cancer screening, an annual dental visit and an annual check up. 

He sees this as the coverage that keeps insurance premiums high.  By providing such insurance to everyone he feels that it will lower premiums across the board between 35% and 40%.

Under the same health care reform the Basic Health care plan will be provided on a sliding scale based on income that will cover everyone up to the age of 65 when Medicare benefits take over. Proposed financing includes 1% of employee wages and 3 to 5% of employers’ gross wages on a sliding scale.  This plan is currently in debate in the state senate. 

Washington Health Insurance State Plan – Basic Health

Basic Health is comprehensive health insurance available to low to moderate income Washington residents who do not have insurance. Here are the guidelines:

  • Premiums are based on age, income, chosen health plan and family size

  • Preventative care has no co-pays

  • $150 annual deductible/$1,500 annual out of pocket cost limit

  • Choice of health care and provider

  • Health plans are based on area and income

  • There is a nine month waiting period on pre-existing conditions

  • Eligible veterans and their family get priority in enrollment. This means you don’t have to sit on any waiting list that may exist.

  • Basic Health Plus is Medicaid coverage for children.  It also provides for dental, vision, no waiting period for pre-existing conditions, and no deductibles or co-insurance.

  • Maternity care is provided through the Medicaid Maternity Benefits Program

Washington Health Insurance – Prescription Drug Purchasing Consortium

The Prescription Drug Purchasing Consortium (PDPC) was put together to help lower the costs of prescription drugs.  Every resident of the state of Washington who does not have prescription drug coverage or whose insurance doesn’t meet all their prescription drug needs is eligible to enroll. 

This program allows you to save up to 60% on generic drugs and 20% on name brand drugs.  Any medications that you need to take long term are available for purchase through mail order pharmacies Wellpartner and Bioscript. As of October 2007 the Governor of Washington announced that over 65,000 residents have obtained the state sponsored drug card and have saved $1.2 million with the Prescription Drug Purchasing Consortium.

Women’s Rights Under Washington Health Insurance

The state of Washington has a few laws that not all states have regarding health coverage as it pertains to women.

  • Prescription Contraception – Any health care plan that offers comprehensive prescription drug coverage has to cover prescription contraception including medical services that involve dispensing and administering the contraception.  Insurance companies are allowed to apply the same co-pay and closed formulary rules that are applied to other prescription drugs.

  • Direct Access – This insures that all women have direct and timely access to women’s health care services including gynecological care, maternity care, general exams and preventative care.  This removes the need for seeing a primary care physician first to obtain a referral before being “allowed” to seek health care.

Washington Individual Health Insurance

Everything else being equal, a Washington individual health insurance plan will be much cheaper than a similar group plan in WA. The tricky part comes in getting approved for an individual plan when one has major health problems. If you have health issues then be sure and ask your agent about guaranteed issue plans like the Washington HIPAA health insurance plan on the individual side or a group continuation plan like the Washington COBRA health insurance plan.

Washington Health Insurance Companies

Here is listing of some of the best Washington health insurance companies:


Asuris Northwest Health

Group Health Cooperative

KPS Health Plans

Kaiser Permanente Health Plan of the NW

LifeWise Health Plan of Washington

Premera Blue Cross

Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon

Regence Blue Shield

United Healthcare

Be sure and ask your Washington health insurance agent to help you compare quotes from the various companies in order to find the best value. If you find an insurance company that is not on this list then you can visit the Washington Department of Insurance to check their licensing status.

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