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Wisconsin Health Insurance

In Wisconsin, many steps are taken to help ensure that everyone has health insurance coverage, no matter what issues they face. There are many factors that go into getting health insurance in Wisconsin.  You have to be a smart shopper and understand all the basic health insurance options that are available to you, so that you can find the best Wisconsin health insurance coverage for you.

How Costs Are Determined For Wisconsin Health Insurance

There are no set rates for WI health insurance because each company will use an array of factors to determine if you are eligible and how much they will charge you for insurance coverage.  These factors figure differently for everyone because everyone has a different situation.

These factors help the insurance company determine how much you will use your insurance coverage, and how much it may cost them to insure you.  They are going to charge you more if you expect you will cost them more than the average, so that they can make a nice profit.

Here are the common factors used to determine the cost of Wisconsin health insurance coverage:

  1. Your Age - Older individuals tend to use more medical care, so they will be charged more for a policy than a younger person.  Women of childbearing age may also see a slightly higher rate.

  2. Your Medical History - Any pre-existing conditions, or conditions in your past medical history, may affect your policy rates and could also make you uninsurable under some policies.

  3. General Facts & Figures - The company will use some general information about people of your age group and in the area in which you live to determine how much medical care you will use on average per year.

  4. Type of Policy -  The type of policy you choose – private, group or government sponsored, will determine how much you will pay.  It really depends on your individual needs as to which type of policy would be most cost effective for you, and in the case of government programs, if you are eligible.

  5. Type of Coverage - The type of coverage you choose, including optional coverage, will play a role in cost determination.

  6. Deductibles & Copays - These costs that you pay, usually play a rather large role in your insurance rate.  It is very important to understand how to choose deductibles and co pays if cost is a concern for you.

  7. Company Factors - The general business climate of the company, inflation, and the past claims paying experience of the company all play a role in the determination of your Wisconsin health insurance rates.

How Deductibles And Copays Affect Wisconsin Health Insurance

As mentioned, deductibles and co pays can greatly influence the cost of your health insurance.  You will usually be given options for how much you will pay, so this is something you have control over and a way to help you get an affordable insurance price.

A deductible is the amount of money you have to pay for your medical costs before the insurance starts to make payments on your behalf.  For many people, reaching the deductible is something they never do.  If this is the case for you then you may consider getting as high of a deductible as possible so your monthly costs are kept low, but be sure you can afford the deductible if a medical crisis were to strike.

Co-pays are the amount you will pay after your insurance starts to make payments.  Once you reach your deductible the insurance company will only pay a percentage of your costs and you pay the rest, which is the co-pay.  You should consider how much of a co-pay you want in relation to how much medical care you get on average.

The premium cost, deductible and co-pays all come together to make the total amount of money you will be paying.  It is important to consider your needs and choose wisely.  It can be tricky and every situation is different, so this is something you must figure out on your own.

Wisconsin Health Insurance Risk Sharing Plan And Badger Care

The Wisconsin health insurance risk sharing plan provides insurance to residents who can not find coverage due to medical conditions.  Most insurance companies will look carefully at your medical history to determine your eligibility and the cost of your policy.

In many cases, people who have a pre-existing condition that demands constant or regular care will be denied insurance coverage.  In order to ensure that everyone is covered under an insurance policy, Wisconsin provides the risk sharing plan. 

Badger Care Plus is another state program, specifically for low-income residents.  It helps to ensure that insurance coverage is affordable for everyone.  There are guidelines you must meet to be eligible for Badger Care coverage.  The basic criteria are:

  1. must have a child under the age of 19 living at home

  2. must meet income guidelines

Badger care costs are determined by income and in some cases the coverage will be free.

How To Save Money On Wisconsin Health Insurance

Saving money on Wisconsin health insurance is done through careful shopping.  There are many different variables to determining the cost of health insurance, so you have to shop around with different companies and consider different types of policies and coverages.

Your cost for health insurance could vary greatly just from one company to the next.  You want to get quotes from a few different companies to see who has the lowest rate.

The factors used to determine your cost include deductibles and co-pays.  You will usually get to choose the deductible and co-pay amount for your policy.  You may want to look at a few different levels for both so you can see what helps make your monthly premiums lower.

You also need to look at the different policy options.  If you qualify for state sponsored health insurance then that is probably the best place to start.  You should also check into both group and individual plans. 

Many people think group plans are going to be cheaper just because their employer pays part of the premium costs, but this is not always true.  Group policies are based upon the assessment of the group.  If you are a healthy person then you may actually find individual coverage to be cheaper because it is based on your medical assessment only.

Wisconsin Health Insurance Companies

Some of the best Wisconsin health insurance companies include:


Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin Celtic Golden Rule Humana Unity Health Insurance

United Healthcare WPS Health Insurance

If you come across an insurance company not mentioned above then be sure and check them out at the Wisconsin Department of Insurance.

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