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Wyoming Health Insurance

Health insurance in Wyoming is something that you will need to learn about if you would like to have access to affordable health insurance and medical care.  Health insurance helps you to save money on medical care, and in Wyoming you have several different choices in health insurance, so you can find the coverage that works best for you. Wyoming health insurance also features government-sponsored programs that help to ensure everyone in the state can get access to health insurance coverage.

Considerations When Purchasing Wyoming Health Insurance

When you apply for a Wyoming health insurance plan the insurance company will do a review of all the information you provide to them.  They use this information to determine the rate they will charge you for your health insurance.  There are many factors that go into this determination. 

  1. The insurance company will basically consider how much it will cost them to ensure you.  They will use your personal medical history and the averages of people in your age group and location to determine the cost. 

  2. Also the choices you make in your policy and coverage will help to shape the rate they give you.  You need to make sure that you do everything you can to make your policy affordable.

  3. You have to look into the different types of policies so that you can see which one makes the most sense for you.  Different policy types will cost different amounts because of the way the rates are determined under each policy type.

  4. Additionally, you need to understand how deductibles and co-pays affect your insurance coverage.  These are things you can usually control and may have a big effect upon your insurance costs.

Wyoming Health Insurance Pool (WHIP)

The Wyoming Health Insurance Pool, also called WHIP, is designed to help people who have been turned down for insurance coverage or have pre-existing conditions.  WHIP has certain requirements, including:

  1. must be a Wyoming resident

  2. must show proof of being uninsurable

There are two plans under WHIP.  The difference in each is basically the co pays and deductibles. 

  1. Brown plan: This plan has a $5000 per year deductible, after which WHIP pays 100% of costs.

  2. Gold plan: This plan has a $1000 per year deductible, after which WHIP pays 80% of the costs.

WHIP is an important health insurance option because insurance companies can deny coverage to an individual due to a pre - existing condition.  People who need medical care on a regular basis may be unable to get insurance, which could prove to be a disastrous situation.  WHIP is designed to help ensure everyone can get insurance coverage.

Wyoming Group Health Insurance

Wyoming group health insurance is one option in insurance coverage.  Group insurance is offered through an employer.  The employer often pays part of the premium, which makes this an affordable option.

The down side to group coverage, though, is that the policy cost is based upon the group as a whole.  The insurance company will look at the general health status and ages of the people working at the company. 

For someone who is in good health and doesn’t fit the average profile, getting group coverage could be more expensive then if they were to go with an individual policy (typically a Wyoming individual health insurance plan will be about 50% of the cost of a group plan).

Private Wyoming Health Insurance

Another option in health insurance is individual coverage.  Individual coverage is best for someone who is generally healthy and not considered risky to insure.

It may also be the only option for someone who can not get group coverage due to not being employed, being self-employed or not having health insurance offered by his or her employer.

If you have pre-existing health conditions and need to purchase an individual plan then be sure and ask your agent if you qualify for a Wyoming HIPAA health insurance plan or a Wyoming COBRA health insurance plan.

Wyoming Health Insurance Companies

Some of the best health insurance companies in Wyoming include:


Altius One

ANTEX Health Insurance


Golden Rule

John Alden Insurance

Time Insurance

United Healthcare

World Insurance

To check out your Wyoming health insurance agent or company and make sure that they are properly licensed visit the Wyoming Department of Insurance.

Get A Quote For Wyoming Health Insurance

The best way to find the Wyoming health insurance policy that is the most cost effective for you is to shop around.  When you shop around you will need to get quotes from different companies.

Getting a quote involves providing the company with your basic information.  They will then give you a quote on how much they would charge you.  Getting quotes can sometimes be a hassle due to a couple reasons.

  1. First, you have to go to each company and give them the same information over and over. 

  2. Second, you may end up getting quotes for policies that are not the same.  You want to get quotes on the same type of policy so you have the most accurate information.

The best way to get Wyoming health insurance quotes is through our quote tool, which allows you to get quotes from multiple companies by only entering your information one time. 

It is quick, simple, and accurate. Get your Wyoming health insurance quote now!