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Foreign Exchange Student Health Insurance

If you are a foreign exchange student, health insurance is one of the things you will need to put in place before you start your studies. Health insurance is a necessity for all students, whether they are foreign exchange students or citizens of the country where they will be studying. There is much to learn more about foreign exchange student health insurance plans and the different types of coverage available.

Foreign Exchange Student Health Insurance: Why You Need Coverage

If you are a foreign exchange student, there are two reasons why you need to buy medical insurance:

A. The insurance coverage you have in your home country does not necessarily protect you when you are away from home

B. Colleges and universities that welcome foreign exchange students typically require that you carry health insurance as a condition of participating in these programs.

Foreign Exchange Student Health Insurance: Types Of Coverage Available

When you are looking for foreign exchange student health insurance, you will want to compare policies to see whether you have coverage for:

  1. Emergency Care

  2. Prescription Medications

  3. Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

  4. Maternity Benefits (available only after a specific period of time has passed, usually between three months and two years)

  5. Emergency Medical Evacuation

  6. Repatriation of Remains (if you die while studying away from home)

  7. Preventative Care

Foreign Exchange Student Health Insurance: Where To Purchase Coverage

It's a good idea to buy your foreign exchange student health insurance from a company doing business in the country where you will be studying. While it may be more convenient to buy insurance in your home country, the claims process will run more smoothly if you buy your policy locally.

Doctors and hospitals will accept a coverage card from an insurance company that operates in the same country without hesitation. If you try to put in a claim from a foreign insurance company, you may be required to pay the amount of your bill yourself and then wait to be reimbursed by your insurance company.

Foreign Exchange Student Health Insurance: Part Time Student Eligibility

Insurance companies do offer foreign exchange student health insurance to people who are studying on a part-time basis.

Foreign Exchange Student Health Insurance: Questions To Ask Before Buying A Policy

Before you buy a foreign exchange student health insurance policy, you will want to find out the following information:

  1. What are the policy limits? Is there a lifetime limit for benefits payable, or is the limit calculated per occurrence?

  2. How often do I pay the premiums?

  3. Is there a minimum amount of time that I can be covered for, such as three or six months? Can I arrange for coverage for a shorter amount of time, if necessary?

  4. How much is the deductible?

  5. What percentage of the cost will the insurance company pay and how much am I responsible for myself?

  6. What events or costs are not covered by the foreign exchange student health insurance policy?

  7. Can I get coverage for my spouse and minor children, as well as myself?

  8. How soon does my coverage under the policy I have chosen begin?

  9. Will I get a benefits card and/or certificate of insurance? Will those documents be sent to me by mail?

  10. Can I renew my foreign exchange student health insurance policy if I decide to stay longer than I originally anticipated?

  11. Can I go to any doctor or hospital that I choose, or must I seek medical treatment from the health center located at the school where I am studying?

  12. Are pre-existing conditions covered? If so, which ones?

  13. If I renew my policy, do I need to have a new insurance card issued?

  14. In a situation where I am studying for a number of years, will my policy be renewed automatically, or do I need to reapply each year?

  15. If I decide to go from full-time studies to part time, how does that affect my insurance coverage and the cost of premiums that I need to pay?

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