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Health Insurance For Graduate Students

Most major accredited colleges and universities require health insurance for graduate students.  Finding health insurance for graduate students is not that hard, and can easily be obtained through the college or university that is being attended for around $250 a semester. 

Part of college tuition is used for subsidize these health insurance policies as well as fund the campus clinic, where students are always welcome to go for health care free of charge or at a very low cost. 

However, there are many things that the campus clinic is not equipped to handle so it’s always best to be prepared either by purchasing health insurance through the college or purchasing your own health insurance policy.  While the campus clinic is a great help to students that need immunizations, physicals, and other minor health care procedures; the campus clinic is designed to care for students should the very unfortunate happen (i.e. cancer, surgery, etc.). It is for this reason that it is a smart decision for all students (graduate and undergraduate) to be sure that they have comprehensive major medical health insurance coverage that will protect them should anything major happen.

You will typically need to present the school with a waiver showing you have health insurance for graduate students.

To compare graduate student health insurance quotes from top insurance companies online just enter your zip code into the free health insurance tool at the top of the page to get started.

Minimum Necessary Health Insurance Coverage For Graduate Students

Required coverage will vary from state to state and college to college and this list only provides minimum standards for most colleges and universities.  Make sure that you check with the school you will be attending to make sure you have adequate student health insurance coverage.  As a general guidelins your policy should include all of the following:

  • In and out patient medical and mental care

  • Laboratory, x-ray and diagnostic test coverage

  • In and out patient surgery

  • Prescription drug coverage

  • Maternity benefits for female students

  • Minimum of $100,000 coverage per accident or illness (some schools want minimum coverage of $250,000)

  • No more than a $500 deductible

  • 60%+ of medical charges should be covered under the insurance policy.

  • Some schools will require dental and vision coverage

  • If you have your own health plan you must be able to obtain medical services within 20 miles of the campus.

  • 30 days in patient mental

  • 30 days drug rehabilitation stay.

Health Insurance Options For Graduate Students

If you are a graduate student who wants health insurance outside of what the college or university offers, or you feel that their plan is lacking in some way there are other options available to you:

  1. Short Term Health Insurance – In some cases, short term insurance is enough to meet the requirements of the college or university that you are attending.  The longest that a short term policy is typically renewable for is 36 months, so it may not be something that will carry you through school.

  2. Parents’ Policy – You may still be able to get coverage on your parent’ policy since you are a full time student.  Check with the insurance company because each has its own rules about eligibility under your parents’ plan.  Additionally, if you are attending college some distance away from home you will want to make sure that you can find medical care near your college that accepts your insurance, otherwise you may want to consider a supplemental policy.

  3. COBRA – If you are not eligible to stay on your parents policy, you may be eligible for coverage under COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act).  This would allow you to temporarily continue the same coverage you had while on our parents’ plan.

  4. Student Select – The Student Select plan is a low cost insurance policy available from many insurance companies that is geared to the needs of college students, both under graduate and graduate.  You will have to meet minimum credit hour requirements.

  5. Purchase Your Own Independent Policy – There is also the option of purchasing your own policy that will cover your needs as well as satisfy the health insurance requirement of the college or university.  This will give you the most freedom in customizing your health care policy to meet your needs and choosing your own doctor.  Despite the kind of plan you choose - HMO, PPO, POS or fee for service policy – you shouldn’t have too much difficulty meeting the health insurance guidelines of your school.  Another upside to this is if you transfer to another school your policy will go with you and you will have no break in coverage that may result in an insurance company later classifying you as having a pre-existing condition.

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