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How to Find the Best College Health Insurance

Want to learn how to find the best college health insurance? College health insurance is something some students think they can live without, but that is not the case. College is an exciting time in life. But heading off on your own means leaving behind some of the benefits of living at home such as health insurance. As a student, having college health insurance is vital for many reasons.

Reason #1 You Can Avoid Unnecessary Debt

It is costly to go to college. Even with financial aid, scholarships, and savings there are still many expenses. Having college health insurance can help you avoid unnecessary debt. If you do have a major illness or an accident then medical bills can add up fast. One survey shows that an average ambulance ride alone for the uninsured is over $800. Paying a monthly premium is a small price to pay in order to avoid unnecessary debt. Finishing college and finding a job is hard enough without bringing medical bills in to the equation.

Reason #2 You Can Stay Healthy

Part of staying healthy is having regular wellness visits with doctors. Just because you aren’t forced to go to a yearly check-up by parents does mean you shouldn’t go. Having college health insurance gives students to opportunity to go to yearly check-up. This is an important aspect to staying healthy. Regular check ups are an ideal time to ask your doctor questions or to catch any health issues that may get worse if not treated.

Reason #3 You Can Take Advantage Of Incentives

Many health insurance companies offer incentives for living a health lifestyle and making healthy choices. One incentive is reimbursement for membership to a gym or fitness center. As a college student, this is one way to stay healthy without spending your own money. Another incentive is lower premiums for non-smokers. Smoking causes many health related illnesses and costs insurance companies millions of dollars every year. Because of this most health insurance companies offer lower premiums for non-smokers.

Another incentive that some insurance companies offer is reimbursement for health inspiring classes. Classes such as meditation, yoga, and nutrition course may be covered. You may even be able to use some of these classes for your college requirements and you will be reimbursed by your health insurance plan.

Many companies offer different incentives with different regulations so it is important to ask about these when shopping for college health insurance. You can use the comparison tool on this page right now to compare quotes and coverage from top companies. If you still have questions, you can speak with one of our independent agents who can help you find the right college health insurance to meet your needs.

Reason #4 You Can Avoid Emptying Your Pockets On Prescriptions

Prescription drugs are one of the most costly aspects of health coverage in America today. Going without college health insurance can leave you holding the bill when it comes time to fill a prescription. Illnesses are bound to happen in college for many reasons. Should you need a regular monthly prescription or something temporary such as an antibiotic, you can pay a big amount of money if you don’t have health insurance.

One survey shows that the average cost of antibiotics is $90 to $190. Having college health insurance will cover most or all of the cost of antibiotics and other prescriptions that may be necessary. Many college students don’t have the cash to cover these costs and end up using credit cards which result in unwanted debt. When shopping for college health insurance, compare prescription coverage.

Reason #5 You Can Participate In College Activities

Many colleges require that you have health insurance in order to participate in activities such as trips, sports, and school events that require travel. By finding a college health insurance plan that works for you, you can avoid being left out of activities that are important to you. College is a great time to have fun and explore many different activities that you may not have done before. Don’t be hampered by not having a student health insurance plan.

Reason #6 You Will Be Covered During College Breaks

Typically, college health insurance plans will give you year round coverage as long as you are enrolled in school. This means that your coverage will continue over holiday breaks and summer breaks. Having health insurance during these times away from school can ensure that you can participate in the activities and jobs you want without worry about being covered. Some plans even extend coverage for a pre-determined time after graduation to give you the much needed time to look for a job.

How to Get College Health Insurance Quotes

College is a fun and exciting time in life. Don’t let that time be interrupted by unnecessary health costs. Getting college health insurance is a wise and money saving decision for any college student. Remember, you can use the comparison tool on this page to compare quotes and rates from top companies. You can even give our independent representative a call to get further answers to your questions and more advice. Get the college health care coverage you need by using the free quote tool at the top of the page now!