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Co-pay coupons: Will they or won't they be allowed?

Co-pay coupons: Will they or won't they be allowed?

Co-pay coupons can help reduce prescription drug costs, but the jury is out on whether you will be able to use them in conjunction with health insurance plans bought on exchanges.

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Few plan despite growing need for long-term care
November 24th, 2013

A new survey finds that most people are unsure how they will handle the long-term care needs of loved ones.

Premium increase for group health insurance plans was smallest in more than a decade
November 6th, 2013

An analysis finds the cost of employer-sponsored health insurance plans went up in 2013, but it was the smallest premium increase in more than a decade.

Health insurance exchanges hampered by technical difficulties
November 6th, 2013

Despite the government shutdown, health insurance exchanges launched on Oct. 1 as promised. However, it wasn't all smooth sailing.

Resources popping up to help you buy health coverage through marketplaces
November 6th, 2013

New online tools answer common questions and calculate costs.

Consumers warned of health insurance scams
October 10th, 2013

As major provisions of the health reform law are being implemented, state regulators are warning consumers of medical insurance scams.

Consumers likely to make costly mistakes when buying on exchanges
October 10th, 2013

A study finds that most won't make clear-eyed assessments of their family's health-care needs.

Average tax credits for health insurance plans could top $5,500
September 1st, 2013

An analysis finds families eligible to buy medical insurance through new marketplaces could save an average of $5,500 off their health insurance rates.

Most Americans fail health insurance IQ test
August 18th, 2013

An industry group says most Americans get a failing grade when it comes to their knowledge of health insurance. Could you pass the test?

Baby boomers unrealistic about cost of long-term care
August 18th, 2013

Two surveys suggest baby boomers may live longer and need more long-term care than they realize.

Health insurance exchanges baffle even doctors
August 7th, 2013

Consumers aren't the only ones feeling confused by the soon-to-be-launched health insurance exchanges. Doctors don't know what to expect either.

Fun and games with health insurance
July 22nd, 2013

Two health insurance companies hope making health care "fun" will lead to better decisions by subscribers.

CVS: Patients who don't take meds boost health care costs
July 10th, 2013

A report finds the U.S. health care system could save hundreds of millions if patients took their meds as prescribed.

Brand matters to health insurance consumers
July 7th, 2013

Americans overwhelmingly say brand is important when purchasing health insurance coverage, according to a recent survey.

Survey: Cost trumps quality when choosing health insurance
June 7th, 2013

But the criteria could change as reform makes the marketplace more competitive.

The doctor will see you now - on your computer
May 30th, 2013

Cigna teams with MDLIVE to offer virtual doctor visits.

Insurers reject one in five medical insurance applications
March 26th, 2013

Forget about affordable health insurance coverage. An analysis indicates some families may have trouble getting any medical insurance.

Is low cost health insurance from employers a thing of the past?
March 26th, 2013

Workers have typically had access to more affordable health insurance through employer-sponsored group plans. Now, a new survey indicates even group health insurance plans are getting expensive.

Employer-sponsored health insurance getting harder to find
February 28th, 2013

A job may no longer equal access to health insurance coverage. The number of workers covered by employer-sponsored plans has declined for the 11th straight year.

Giving all your money away could leave you without health insurance
February 28th, 2013

A survey of financial advisers finds many people plan to give their money away to preserve it for their children. Here's why you might not want to live your retirement years without planning for health insurance and long-term care.